Structure for files and work orders

Since storage space has become incredibly cheap, we all tend to become little data messes. It could be that we could use an idea, a script or whatever again sometime. But the more we throw into our computer, the harder it is to get something useful out of it, if we don't use a system behind it.

We would always put the creation date at the beginning of the file name like this: YEAR-MONTH-DAY
DESCRIPTION-CONTENT/TITLE. For example, we would save a blog article as "2021-04-02 Blog Article - Office
Productivity". This way you can sort your files alphabetically. If you have files for several areas on your computer, you can introduce an abbreviation. For Michael Meier you could use "MM", so that a file could look like this: "MM 2021-06-01 Mobile phone contract - invoice May". The basic idea is to work your way up hierarchically:
Range - Date - From Whom - What
Area - date - type - title

Our folder structure for writing for blog articles looks like this: 01 - Idea, 02 - Draft, 03 - Review, 04 - Ready, 05 - Online. We deliberately chose this structure because it scales along. That is, whether we have 10 articles or 100 has no impact on the clarity of these folders.
This way you need only little or less time to find a file. Moreover, it is much easier to learn such a structure, because it is reproducible and follows rules. It is best to create a script in which you briefly describe the procedures, create it as a guide and allow others to access this knowledgebase.

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Especially when several people are working together on a project, it is important that there is a uniform, understandable and clear structure for storing files that everyone can find their way around.

Philipp Rückert Chief Executive Officer Monkeys.Digital

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Find and use the right tools

Technical solutions take a lot of work off your shoulders and also help you keep track of things. Therefore, we show you here the tools that we use and that inspire us.

Helpful tools for communication and more

First of all: Please establish one communication tool for written messages! Some companies use several different programmes and communication channels, which regularly produces absolute chaos. Communication via e-mails is often a big time eater, especially internally, which is why we prefer another solution.


For text messages and links, we use Slack. Slack is a communication tool that greatly facilitates our internal team communication in particular. We use Slack almost exclusively for work-related content; in a #random channel, we also have room for a GIF or two, a joke, or image edits. It allows us to create defined and clear workspaces with channels where only people responsible for that area are invited. Slack also lets you easily send files to others in all formats. You also have the option of setting up fixed idle times during which you will not receive any notifications.


Notion is often referred to as a note-taking program. However, it offers much more. This tool includes functions for creating databases, documentations, calendars, instructions, etc. With its interfaces, it can also be conveniently linked with other software (e.g. Slack). If we come up with an idea that we want to implement or discuss in more detail, we immediately save it there and have a clear presentation of all relevant topics for the next meeting. We also set up plans here for the training of our employees, which they can then access easily.


To conduct video conferences, both internally and with customers, we use Whereby. With this platform, participants only need to go to the meeting room page link, enter their name and let's go! With up to two participants, Whereby is free with unlimited meeting duration. It allows you in the free version to share your screen, lock the room (so no one else can enter the room), chat and turn off both the microphone and camera.

Whereby always runs very smoothly, which is why we can clearly recommend it. For larger video conferences up to 100 participants, the free version limits the session to 45 minutes. But here you can jump to another channel and the time runs again from the beginning 😉

In addition, premium versions are also available, which cost between just under $10 and $15 per month and offer additional features. For example, a recording of the video meeting, up to 100 participants with unlimited meeting duration, design that you can create yourself with your brand, and much more.

A very good alternative to Zoom, because you don't have to install anything for Whereby, but can simply connect via your browser.

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James AI - Your To-Do List with Artificial Intelligence

Our self-developed app James AI takes your productivity to a whole new level. James is a dynamic to-do list that organizes itself. Previous tools require the user to manually plan their day, which takes a lot of time. In contrast, James AI supports you with artificial intelligence like a personal assistant who creates the perfect task list for you. All you have to do is enter the tasks you want to complete, and he will plan and prioritize for you which three tasks are best to complete now. Its artificial intelligence calculates your finished to-do list using algorithms based on scientifically tested productivity schemes.

Since Cinema mode additionally helps you work in a more focused way, your productivity increases, you save a lot of time thanks to AI, and you meet deadlines much easier because of it. Moreover, with the Team mode, you can assign and receive tasks from each other. This way, additional delegating becomes unnecessary, which saves time and keeps you and your team from being distracted by more emails, messages on your smartphones or unnecessarily long phone calls.

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We developed James AI to make task completion even more efficient and to help users prioritise their to-dos to save time.

Philipp Rückert Chief Executive Officer Monkeys.Digital

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Coaching routine

Here we come to the topic of challenge and support. Both are mutually dependent. Regular seminars and coaching sessions help you to achieve new spirit, ideas and knowledge. On the one hand, experts in the team can train other employees, but on the other hand, external people can also be brought in for further training. Both are important and fulfill the purpose of the company to become better and better.

An additional productivity workshop can help to make employees even more efficient. We would be happy to offer your company our workshop for more productivity. Just send us an email to and we will discuss all further steps with you.

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