€170.000 more turnover in 60 days thanks to Google Ads for a British manufacturer of feel-good articles

We help producers and shops in e-commerce to increase their conversion rate and generate even more sales with Google Ads.


Since a British manufacturer wanted to establish itself on the German market with weighted blankets, slippers, hoodies and sleeping masks, they contacted us.

Our services focused primarily on Google Ads campaign management, website translation and email marketing adjustments.


There was neither a German-language website nor was the customer journey or advertisements in German. There was also a need for optimisation when setting up the English advertisements.

The Brexit also presented us with a challenge: it was not yet possible to send goods to customers in a timely manner. This was remedied with an own warehouse in Germany, because from here short delivery times could be guaranteed again.

The number of new customers through the campaigns was relatively low. In addition, the ads did not perform as well, so there was still a lot of room for improvement in terms of conversion rate.


In view of gaining a presence on the German market, they first needed a website translated into German as well as an appealing, German-language customer journey. Building on this, we turned our attention to Google Ads campaigns, which also needed to be adapted to German users, as well as Facebook Ads. There were also optimisation options when setting up the English ads/ad copies, which is why our experts took care of this carefully.

Because the British company reasonably relied on different landing pages for their different products in addition to the website, we also adapted these to German.


All of our measures led to a great success, which is fully worth presenting:

52 %

increase in the
average shopping

16 %


customer journey

726 more customers than in the same period before (First Time Buyer) in 60 days