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Increase your sales & finally reach your target group with our silverbacks as Google Ads experts.

Optimal campaigns

We optimise your advertising with as many relevant keywords and campaigns as necessary to reach your desired goal. Because we always take your target group into account, we lead you to even more conversions.

Our happy customers

Take a look at the case studies of our animal happy customers and you too can benefit with us at your side!

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Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Only targeted & perfectly adjusted by Alpha-Gorillas perform optimally 🦍

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Directly more reach

Immediately attract more attention to your product or service. Perfect for you and your business.

Not in the mood any more? No problem! You can pull the pin at any time and we'll still be friends (... just friends).

We are certified

Our Digital Monkey Agency has all Google qualifications, which we renew every year.

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Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Boost your business with Google Ads!
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Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Coming into visibility

With us, you'll achieve more interest for your offers in the rainforest of the Internet. Whether you market services or products.

Optimal number of campaigns

Thus you reach your goal in the future and become king of the jungle, we place your online advertising for you with as many keywords and campaigns as they are really profitable for you.

Increase your conversion rate with us & stay flexible

Pragmatic PPC Marketing

No pesky contract commitment

With us you will avoid any long-term contracts - risk-free and cancelable at any time.

More sales with Google Ads

Perfect funnel planning

In addition to the Google Ad campaigns, we also support you in the creation of an advertising funnel so that your leads also go through a successful customer journey.

Best products & services

...are worthy of only the best campaigns on Google Ads.

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