+103% more Turnover per year thanks to Google Ads for Pastamanufaktur Zia Pina

With our Paid Advertising Solutions, we help Retailers and Manufacturers to become even more successful online and to win over more and more new Customers.

01. About the Company


The Pastamanufaktur Zia Pina has been producing various Italian Pasta Products for End Customers as well as Restaurants and Wholesalers since 1984.

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Pastamanufaktur Zia Pina

LocationEisenstockstraße 9-11
76275 Ettlingen, Germany


Their Credo is to use only High-Quality Ingredients without any Additives, and they sustainably rely on many regional and seasonal Ingredients.

In Addition to Pasta Specialities such as Tortellini, filled Agnolotti and Noodles, their range also includes Gnocchi, with and without filling, and other Italian Delicacies.

02. Our Marketing Challenge


For some time, the Pastamanufaktur Zia Pina had already started its own Campaigns with Google Ads, Email Marketing and Facebook Ads. At the beginning, some Ads still paid off to some extent, as the Prices were still within Limits at that time.

However, the Conversion Costs of the current Campaigns became so expensive in 2020 with almost 45% of the Shopping Basket that it was time to let Google Ads experts take the helm. This meant the Kick-off of our Collaboration.

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03. Growth Strategy


First, we reviewed the Campaigns in Terms of their Settings and Functionality and removed all those that did not deliver the desired Results.

The next Step was to optimise ads in relation to Extensions, Text Ads and Descriptions. Furthermore, we took Care of the Display or Ad Path, which we filled up and adjusted so that we could exploit the Construct of the best Ads even more promisingly.

For the Shopping Ads, we re-linked the Data Feed, prepared and re-set the Product Data in order to provide Google with the best possible Data Quality; because the more precise this information is, the more precisely the Search Engine can also consider only the relevant Data.

04. The Results we achieved


Despite the limited Data, we achieved very good Results for a small Account.

Our tried and tested Monkeys Strategies led to the Account achieving more than double the Turnover with the same Advertising Budget for the Producer. This is because the Adjustments to the Texts and Assets increased the Ad Relevance in Conjunction with the CTR, which also paid off directly for our Client with more favourable Click Costs.

In Summary, we were able to more than double the annual Turnover through Google Ads with our Optimisations!

Result by numbers


more Conversions

Over 104%

increase in Conversion Value


Reduction in Costs per Conversion

05. Our Client about the Results


Thanks to the Support of Monkeys Digital, we now reach many more new Customers via the Google Ads Channel and can now make even more Gourmets happy. I would like to emphasise the always transparent and fair Cooperation, which I have not experienced in this form with any Agency so far.

Björn Butz

Owner of pastamanufaktur.de