114% Increase in YoY Turnover with Google Ads for a Painting & Repair Supplies Store

With our Paid Marketing Campaign Experts, we help Online Stores in Home & Craft Supplies generate much higher Sales and build tremendous reach.


A German Online Shop asked for our Help, supplying both end consumers and business customers with high-Quality Painting Supplies, such as adhesive rolls, masking tape, masking tape, paints or varnishes, and also with other Quality Supplies for plastering and repairing.

In the B2B sector, the primary Target Group consists of tradesmen for whom high-quality products make work easier and help them to achieve the best results for their customers.


Because the market for painters' and craftsmen's supplies is literally flooded with cheap products, the client was looking for a solution to make their Top-Quality Articles known and thus make the daily work of many craftsmen easier. After all, only those who use goods for their Services that really deliver what they promise can also fully satisfy their customers' wishes.

When the Account was taken over, the Tracking did not work properly, as 2 Pixels were implemented instead of only one. In addition, the data was not cleanly maintained and there was no correct history of access.

The Target was to get the revenue to grow while maintaining the ROAS Target of 4.


Because of the incorrect data and the other problems, the account had to be practically restarted.

When setting up the account, the Data Feed was optimised for Google Shopping, so that this runs as a fixed Channel to reach new Customers.

In addition, the Focus was on expanding and launching the Search Campaigns. For even more Reach and Target Group Orientation, our Experts also tackled the Display Ads Project. They also established Remarketing so that even more Conversions come from interested Parties who had already visited the Website once.


The monthly Turnover increased by €40,000 to a total of €74,800. The additional profit here was more than €8,000, which meant that 80% more profit was achieved in a Year-over-Year Comparison.

Compared to the previous year, this all added up to an Expansion of 114%.

More Result by numbers


more Conversions per month

from 0.46 to 0.93

relevance doubled the CTR (click-through rate)