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How we delivered a radical Increase in Revenue to a sporting goods manufacturer with Google Ads.

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Make Account more profitable,
Reach ROAS Goal 5.0

With our Optimizations, we have greatly outperformed our Customer's Targets

01. Achievements

6 Weeks Results

Happy client with the short term optimization integration. We currently have a stable partnership with them.

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ROAS Increased from 3.65 to 7.57

Update and restructure the conversion actions to increase measurability

$10,000 Saved on Cost Expenses

COST -> more than HALF was saved (10.000$)

Conversion Value dropped by $7,5k

Reduced spend by $7.5k with only $5k less conversion value

AVG CPC reduced by 34 %

AVG CPC -> decreased by roughly 1/3rd->

02. Milestone

ROAS increased by 2x

Since our client very urgently needed Optimizations in his campaigns, he was very happy that we implemented them quickly and with huge success.

ROAS increased

from 3.65 to 7.57

03. Plan

Strategy to cut costs

We took over in the last week of June and quickly developed a strategy to cut costs while maintaining most of the profits in the account.

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Better Strategies to Attract More Clients

To really take off, several gears must mesh with adjustments to achieve long-term success.


Using audiences and remarketing to create better targeting


Update and restructure the conversion actions to increase measurability

Competitor Research

Launching new campaigns with extensive keyword and competitor research

Lowering Costs

Individual negative keyword management based on niche industry categories

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