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Productivity Guide for Agencies

With these tips you can make your agency even more efficient and productive!

Chapter 1: Establish Structure and Systems

One of the most important things for your company is that you build a structure and establish systems. This way you have clear processes they that you can separate from individuals and also transfer to new staff even more easily. In this chapter we give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

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Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Chapter 2: Important rules for dealing with Emails

Emails are very often a bigger drag than we might think. Therefore, we will share with you 6 best and valuable tips for dealing with email.

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Chapter 3: More tips for a better working atmosphere, more turnover, productivity & success.

Besides structures & systems, we can positively influence other factors to run a successful agency. This ranges from a pleasant working atmosphere to the physical well-being of employees to more turnover & recovery. Here you can learn further tips & tricks for more productivity and success.

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Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Chapter 4: Best practices from eology - one of the best online Agencies in Germany

Since you can learn the most from the best, we asked Axel Scheuering, CEO of eology, one of the best online agencies in Germany, how they work. In this chapter, he reveals to us their best practices in terms of structure, planning, project management and much more.

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If you break it down to the essentials, it's about employee management, project organization and looking after important customers, existing and new. Some see themselves as having more overall entrepreneurial responsibility across their own departmental boundaries, and still others are more departmentally oriented.

Axel Scheuering from eology

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Productivity Guide for Agencies

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