162% more sales for Dutch cosmetics start-up YIONN

We use Google Ads to help online retailers achieve even more conversions while reducing their advertising costs!

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YIONN is a cosmetics startup based in the Netherlands & was founded in 2015. Their goal is to create high-quality products that make ladies feel even better in their daily care as well as do something good for their skin.

Their products range from nourishing moisturizers, to razors for sensitive skin, to shaving foam and other skin care items.

Our Marketing Challenge

Goal of our Client

The Dutch cosmetics start-up YIONN wants to grow quickly and conquer the European market outside the Netherlands. There was no PPC marketing in Germany until our collaboration in April, which is why YIONN turned to our Google Ads experts. So to start with paid advertising in Germany, we had to start from 0 and build everything from scratch.

Cost Reduction

Another challenge was the existing account for the Netherlands: The shopping campaigns were above target, therefore too expensive, and there were too few conversions.

We were also able to overcome these problems, so that the Dutch campaigns now also show extremely profitable results.

How we mastered the Challenges

Strategy for Growth

Because YIONN does not (yet) have a German-speaking team, the first thing we did was to make adjustments to the German website and to set up the German Google Ads account properly.

Since fast growth was the top priority and a sufficient budget was available for this strategy, we were able to achieve good results immediately in the first month (April 2021) thanks to our experts.

Therefore, it was clear and logical for the managing directors that we should also take care of the already existing account for Google Ads in the Netherlands from May 2021. Here, too, we directly achieved more conversions for YIONN at lower advertising costs per click.

More Facts

Campaign Results

162% more sales

175% increase in conversion value

Cost per conversion reduced by 8.5%

More about the Cosmetics Start-up YIONN

Women like to feel good in their skin, which is why they often place a lot of importance on their skin care and a perfect shave.

The cosmetics start-up YIONN is fully committed to this desire with its sensitive products.

For comprehensive skin care and a comfortable shave without skin irritation, they offer cleansing creams, razors, shaving creams, balms and both reusable and eco-friendly exfoliating items and bamboo cotton pads.

After the Netherlands and Germany, they would also like to offer their products in other European countries in the next few years and market them nationwide.