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01. About

About our Client

A successful Start-up founded in 2018 in the US is gaining more and more influence in the Device Management Solution sector. They offer a comprehensive solution for Android enterprise devices so that multiple devices can be controlled at once and set up quickly, cost-effectively, and comprehensively for customers in diverse industries using their software.

Their goal is to achieve efficient results and gain more and more recognition in the German market. For these reasons, they have partnered with us for Pay-per-Click Advertising and Copywriting.

02. Overview

Overview of the company

Since their inception, the company has been capturing the market in the US with app management for Android devices. Since last year, they have been expanding in selected countries in Europe and, as a result, in Germany. Their senior management team has nearly 60 years of combined experience in solving complex problems with enterprise devices. To that end, the staff has studied the Android operating system extensively and is ramping up to optimize its SaaS for ease of use and efficiency.

60 years

03. Challenges


Since the company only recently decided to offer its software solutions in German-speaking countries, they were looking for more favorable Conversions than in the US market. Especially the start was very important to them in the step to Europe in the field of PPC and Copywriting, in order to quickly reach awareness and customers. For this reason, there was little time to achieve groundbreaking Results.

04. Strategy


In order to meet the set goals, a comprehensive analysis had to be carried out first. Here it was noticed that the abbreviation of the service MDM (Mobile-Device-Mangement), which the company offers, also stands for a coin trading company in Germany. Therefore, the keywords had to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, the initial test phase had a very limited budget, which offered relatively little scope for comprehensive data analysis. However, since good results were quickly achieved, the advertising budget was increased, which enabled even more efficient optimization based on the data. Likewise, some texts had to be adapted to ensure a higher Conversion Rate.

05. Results


Within four weeks, we saw a 460% increase in Conversions and a 71% Reduction in Costs. In fact, the Conversion Rate increased by 534%, so that very relevant Leads, who wanted to equip their entire company with the offered SaaS solution, contacted the SaaS Company directly.

Result by Numbers


Increase in ROAS


Reduction in Cost


less Cost per