234% Growth compared to the previous Year for a Shop with Care Articles

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01. About the Online Store with Care Products


Due to the Age Structure in Germany, the Demand for Care Products is immensely high and there are a lot of Competitors in the Market. Therefore, the Owner of a German Online Shop approached us to get even more Conversions with Google Ads.

Especially for the Care of Relatives at Home, the Seller offers various Articles: Starting with Bed Protection, Through Pads, Trousers, Diapers to Gloves, Disinfectants & Co, all kinds of Items around this Topic can be purchased from him.

In addition, he is a certified Partner of Health Insurance Companies, through which Buyers can have some Costs reimbursed.

02. These Challenges had to be overcome


There was already an Account set up, which in itself was performing quite well, with an initial Turnover of €20k to €25k per Month. However, the Shop Owner wanted to gain more new Customers and at the same Time prevent the Competition from driving him out of the Market because of Corona. Due to the Pandemic and the Lockdown, the Care of Relatives at Home increased and with it the Demand for Care Products.

On the one Hand, this was caused by the Fact that old People's Homes could not take in new Residents, and on the other Hand, that more People had to/could stay at Home and thus had more Time to take Care of Family Members themselves.

Since with about €720 Turnover per Year one Customer alone was already very profitable, the Store Owner was content with €100 Costs per Conversion and with only 20 to 30 Customers per Month through Google Ads before our Involvement. However, we realised that this was quite expensive and saw a clear Need for Optimisation here.

Besides Running Paid Ads, our biggest Challenge was the long Customer Journey with its high Abandonment Rate. Likewise, his Website had some weak Points, such as a poor Conversion Rate, slow Page Speed or low Image Quality.

03. Solution Strategies for Marketing


Because the Google Ads Account had been running for some Time, it was quickly apparent to us which Keywords were already working and were fairly well established in the Structure. Based on our Objectives, we were able to build on this and test different Campaigns with different Keywords.

In Order for our Client to record more new Customers as well as Profitability, we optimised not only the Audience Group targeting and the Ads, but also the Website Performance and adjusted the Product Images. In this way, we corrected the Problems in the Customer Journey with Regard to User Experience and thus helped our Client to achieve much more Sales.

Because during the Corona Pandemic, Disinfectant suddenly ran out almost everywhere and Demand could no longer be met to any Degree, Google changed the way it displayed Ads for such Products enormously. Creativity was therefore required on our Part: we skilfully adapted all the Campaigns relevant here so that they could perform very well despite this Circumstance.

04. Our Results with Google Ads


In a Year-over-Year Comparison, our Successes become even clearer:

Result by numbers


more Conversions per Month (from 23 to 172)


Increase in Conversion Value


better ROAS


Cost Reduction per Conversion

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