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Productivity Guide for Agencies

With these tips you can make your agency even more efficient and productive!

Welcome dear reader

to our productivity guide for agencies. With our company Monkeys.Digital, we specialize in productivity and success in business. To help others get more potential out of themselves and become more productive, we have developed James AI for perfect automated daily planning, among other digital products. Our goal is to create tools and guides that will help you achieve even more in your life!

Since we run the digital agency Digital Monkey Agency ourselves, we know exactly what the best practices are in everyday agency life. In addition, we have gained insights into other agencies and have drawn a lot of conclusions on how to work even more effectively and better.

We would like to share this knowledge with you so that you can benefit from it as well. We have summarized the biggest dos and don'ts for you and hope you enjoy reading and have success in implementing them!

Marian, Philipp and Florens from the Monkeys.Digital
Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Why we wrote this guide

When we started our agency, we were still very inexperienced and didn't even know how to organize many things. It started with remote meetings: Should we host them via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp or Whereby?

So, over months and years, we've tried out various tools and productivity techniques in our own agency, and at one point or another we would have liked to have had some kind of blueprint ourselves, which would have made business a lot easier.

That's exactly what this guide is supposed to be for you: Your shortcut, so that you benefit from our experience and proven processes and don't have to overcome the same difficulties as we did until you find the right solution and can push your own agency faster.

How to use our Productivity Guide

The "Productivity Guide for Agencies" is divided into different chapters and sub-chapters. In one chapter, for example, we give you an introduction to management systems, in another we present concrete tools for even more efficient work. Just jump to the respective section that is of interest to you. You can also download the PDF version of the guide for free, so that you can access our tips and tricks offline at any time. The PDF version also contains additional worksheets for this guide.🙂

Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

What you can expect in the Productivity Guide for Agencies

  • Structure & Systems Part I
  • More efficiency with Emails
  • Structure & Systems Part II
  • Best Practice of one of the best Online Agencies in Germany “eology”
  • Outro

Who are the Monkeys.Digital?

We, the Monkeys.Digital, pursue a vision:
We want to become Europe's largest digital incubator, for which we create modern business software that is fun to use. On the one hand, as an agency, we stand by entrepreneurs to be even more successful. On the other hand, we help people to exceed their goals by developing ingenious and innovative software solutions.

In doing so, we always keep the user in focus: In the logic of the functionality and in the design, we always prioritize the customer's needs and adapt every conceivable detail to them.

At the same time, we never forget to have fun: Our innovations with their extraordinary wow effect ensure joy at work!

The Monkeys.Digital in a nutshell

Monkeys.Digital have already gained a lot of experience as an online agency as well as develop business software that makes work fun. They also advise companies on how to be more productive. Their solutions are designed to help people around the world become more digitally productive so they can finally realize their high potential.

No time to read the whole guide now?

We have the solution 🙂 We'll email you the guide for free as a PDF so you can read it when it's convenient for you.

Just let us know which email you want us to send it to and you'll receive our Agency Guide for even more productivity and success directly to your inbox (takes 5 seconds).

Productivity Guide for Agencies

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