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AI-powered To-
Do app

JAMES is a world-first in the area of to-do apps thanks to its artificial intelligence, which automatically creates your optimal daily plan: Unfortunately, far too many people still waste too much time at work and are therefore less productive. They don't know where to start with their daily tasks, think long and hard about what they could do next, or are frustrated because of their huge amount of tasks.


In the initial market research, we explored 21 applications that revolve around a similar idea of James, namely for a concise management of daily tasks. Most of them are based on the Internet.

In the market research, we looked for the main features, and the applications, which were quite attractive, namely, had a clear overview, were easy to use, gave a clear response and overall quality.


From the collected sample size four from survey, product owner of James who serves 1500+ users and from the detailed feedback on Appsumo of nine people we came to the following conclusions:

  • The user base is predominantly male with a technical background
  • The age range is from 18 to over 65 years
  • Live is small and big towns
  • Are mostly from Germany
  • Are mostly middle class and some up to higher class
  • Mostly entrepreneur
  • Are more conservative in taste (classical music -
    moderate pop)


After gathering requirements we started to build the full structure of the product as a mindmap. Fo us, UX Architecture is always a key part of the product documentation: to keep syncing between product teams faster, to understand the whole picture from above, to onboard new teammates easier. Also, we support this mindmap during the whole process and keep it updated after new features implemention.


Design System became a popular tool for product consistency and scalability improving. It’s a visual language and library of atomic components with clear standards which outline how the components should be used. With design systems product development team reduce repetitive work, increase productivity.



UI Components


The focus group wanted to see more custimizability. We accomodated this by adding multiple color themes and the ability to change the icons in the App.

for Watching

We have a dedicated UX-oriented team of designers and front-end developers.

We care deeply about what we do and have become experts in beautifully-designed products. Having different backgrounds combined, we gathered pretty huge scope of competencies.