Our values

The common spirit characterizes us

We have a vision: to help many other people to be even more successful. This is what we effectively work for every day.

Open to new ways

We analyze circumstances,
strategies and processes to find the
optimal solution for our customers.


We communicate ideas and
processes clearly and transparently.

Passion and

We all love what we do. That's our
powerful engine.


Everyone is a top expert in their field.
Therefore, we continue our skills
training and optimization on a daily


With us there is nothing off the peg!
All our services are individually
tailored to you and your business.


Respectful treatment and mutual
appreciation is enormously important
to us, both with our customers and
within the team.


Behind what we realize, there is also
always the vision of sustainability.
Both in terms of our business and our
team, as well as in relation to the
environment. Because only then do
we also positively shape the future.

Our locations

We are at home in Europe

Kyiv Budapest Nürnberg Würzburg Frankfurt am Main München