How we have developed a useful mobile application with which people can order quality food.

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In Hungary, a large proportion of workers do not prepare their own food. They get it at a local cafeteria or go to a restaurant nearby to eat. Most order online. Hungarian people are cost-sensitive if they can save money on food, for example. Whether it is healthy or not is not considered very important by many, although there is a growing trend placing value on a healthy lifestyle. Hungarians have become not only more cost-conscious but also, in some cases, more aware of their health in recent years.

There is a gap in the market, as some people no longer have the time to stand in queues or wait out in a restaurant until they are served. To save time and money, more and more Hungarians in general are shopping online (our own research found that this is the case for about 20%).

On the other hand, restaurants have both peak business hours, when they are practically overrun, and hours when they have almost nothing to do. PickNGo steps in by providing work to restaurants during off-peak hours and offering a cheap meal to the hungry. With the help of this combination, we achieve a symbiosis with our app so that both sides benefit: Customers save time and restaurants have less loss, as they can generate revenue and get work for their service staff even during off-peak hours.

We combine physical service with a digital solution with our PickNGo app. In doing so, we follow the constant trend of replacing administrative tasks with automated operations.

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The main idea of our client was to create an application that helps people find quality takeaway food quickly and easily.

The design can reflect the current location and location of restaurants. Each presented restaurant will offer one type of food, which will change with each working day of the week. You can also choose from vegan, vegetarian dishes and everything else. One payment option (credit and debit cards). The focus is on ease of use.

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To bring this vision to life, we had a phase of research, during which we found out what type of audience will use this application more often. This to quantify our audience, their habits, buying patterns and taste.

Where are you based during your work in

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On average how many times do you order food?

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Do you follow a particular dietary pattern?

  • None
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Other

How much are you willing to pay for a meal on a day to day basis?

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What kind of benefit(s) do you value the most when solving your everyday lunch?

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Do you ever go for take-away food?

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Why do you prefer the above?

  • 25 Time efficiency
  • 28 Price
  • 18 Quality
  • 18 Variety of choice
  • 5 I have special dietary needs
  • 8 I usually follow my coworkers, we eat together
  • 3 I don’t have any other options available
  • 3Other

Hi, I am a persona, called Márton Kovács - 29 years old. I work for a Multinational company in Budapest. Work is important for me and would like to make something out of my life. I do not have a lot of time for a good lunch, since lunch-time is limited. I do not mind what kind of food I am eating as long as the taste and quality is good and yes price is important too!

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