484 % more Turnover for a Store with harvest-fresh Fruits

Since the purchase of fresh food is becoming increasingly important for consumers online, we also lead Stores in the food sector with Google Ads to even more Success!

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01. Overview

Store Overview

A few years ago, a French company was founded with the aim of supplying customers with fruit directly from the producer without long storage times. In this way, even the most exotic fruits reach the buyers quickly and in just a few days after their harvest, as if fresh from the field.

We have now been managing the account since May 2021 and have already achieved very strong Successes for the Online Store.

02. Challenge

The Challenges

With a total of 800 products, our client offers a range of different fruits. Since the harvest time depends very much on the respective type and precisely the season, only 150-180 different fruits can be offered at the same time. Of course, this also limits both the Advertising Period for the respective products and the collection of relevant Data for Optimization.

Another Challenge is the Ordering Period: Due to logistics, an end customer can only order fruit on isolated days of the week. This complicates the Ad Strategy with regard to the Google Algorithm, because it mostly reacts negatively to very many, short-term adjustments. Therefore, we had to find fundamental adjustments as a suitable Solution.

The third major Challenge for us was that there are many strong Competitors in the Market. However, this also shows that there is a lot of Potential in this segment, which we would like to exploit together with our customer. So for this we had to figure out how to place our Ads better than the concurrence and at the same time keep the costs low.

03. Our Solutions

Our Solutions

First, we established a clever Campaign Structure in the Search and Shopping Areas and divided them by fruit category and seasonality.

Next, we focused on giving the Algorithm some Freedom, which is necessary for Scaling, with automated Campaigns, multiple Shopping Feeds and Parameter Adjustments in the Shopping Area.

Furthermore, we changed the Tracking and implemented targeted Remarketing so that Leads would always see our created Ads when searching for specific Keywords.

In addition, our Data Analysis showed that expanding the Business Model to include "Subscribe & Save" in the Store will Lead to more Sales: This gives customers both a discount for regular orders and prioritizes them for fruit that is in short supply.

This Strategy increases the Lifetime Value of such a buyer, makes them more valuable and allows you to increase the Campaign Budget with the same or even better ROAS for this target.

04. Results


With our Optimizations and Solution Strategies we were able to make our client very happy. You can see that especially in the Comparison of the Core Numbers from 2020 and 2021:

Result by numbers


Increase in Turnover


Increase in Conversion Value

Over 36%

Cost Reduction per Conversion

Almost 50%

Increase in ROAS

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