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Swiss start-up bluu Ventures GmbH was founded in Zurich in 2020 with the mission of revolutionizing the world of laundry detergents from the ground up.
With the innovative and contemporary bluu washing strips, they give everyone the opportunity to wash in a more environmentally friendly manner as well as in an easier and more practical way. With sustainability and convenience, there is simply no need to compromise, in fact both can be perfectly balanced. In the future, bluu Ventures would like to extend this philosophy to many other products and areas.
Their goal is to help create a more sustainable world in the long term with their solutions.

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bluu Ventures GmbH

HeadquarterHohlstrasse 176
8004 Zürich, Schweiz

IndustryHousehold supplies


A very fresh and previously rather unknown start-up wants to become omnipresent in Switzerland with online marketing and rocket through the ceiling with their innovative product and its benefits for consumers and the environment. At the beginning, a moderate budget was available for this purpose. After conquering the Swiss market, the other German-speaking countries and Central Europe are to be targeted.


Due to an initially low budget, we chose Google Ads for our entry into paid advertising.

After we were able to achieve the first successes and extremely profitable conversions for bluu despite low financial resources, we took the next step together with advertising via Facebook.

We were also able to achieve additional highly lucrative results with our campaigns via this activity.


1,000+ conversions in the first quarter.
Big reach achieved from a small budget!

The cooperation with the guys from Monkeys.Digital is super pleasant. With their ads on Google, Facebook as well as Instagram, we have been able to steadily increase our sales. With Google Ads alone, we were able to achieve close to 1,000 conversions within the first 3 months!“

Marko from bluu
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

More about bluu

In the first four months, bluu Ventures GmbH ensured that over 11,000 plastic detergent bottles and thus more than 2 tons of plastic were saved by selling bluu. They also managed to make bluu the best-selling detergent out of 590 comparable products on galaxus.ch (a Swiss equivalent of Amazon).

In the next few years, they want to become the market leader in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with their innovative washing strip technology.

Their motto is: Smart.Blue.Wow!

The detergent is 20 times lighter than conventional, there is no dosing for the consumer, it contains no additives and the packaging is 100% biodegradable and free of any plastic. Unlike common detergent, their product saves 95% of CO2 emissions.