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with JACK!

Check your activities faster, better and easier with JACK!

Activity protocols with Excel & tally sheets were yesterday - Welcome to the future with our app Jack!

Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Always keep the overview

So that you as a manager with your team, as a craftsman, sole trader or as a salesman always reach your sales goals without having to rely on the principle of hope, get Jack now!
Jack supports you in doing the right and important things so that you are always on the road to success.

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Track activities

With our innovative app JACK, you always keep control of the most relevant activities and can record them easily and clearly. Increase your sales and recognize early on whether your activities or those of your team are leading to the right path to success.

Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Work even more productively

Meaningful target/actual comparisons help you to work as productively as possible and, if necessary, to correct the course at an early stage. In this way, Jack protects you from unpleasant surprises and visualizes everything necessary for you to initiate the appropriate countermeasures.

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