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Our mission is to help people increase their productivity, have more success in business & make many processes both easier and faster. For this purpose, we create innovative & smart software solutions.

Pragmatic PPC Marketing

Jamie - the only CRM you need!

Increase your sales, manage your contacts and leads more easily and always keep the overview.

Jamie CRM supports you in your distribution & helps you to be more successful!

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Intuitive, simple & clear

You always see which customers & deals are really profitable for you. So that you can work productively & with fun, Jamie as a CRM sets new standards in terms of clarity, overview & easy usability.

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Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

James AI - Automated to-do lists powered by artificial intelligence

Increase your productivity, save time & easily create your daily to-do list directly from James.

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Manual day planning was yesterday

With the help of your personal assistant James, you save a lot of time that you can use for more important & nicer things than task planning. In this way, you increase your productivity and use your potential even more.
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Pragmatic PPC Marketing
Pragmatic PPC Marketing

JACK Activity Management App - always keep an eye on your sales targets

Plan your balances better & always have an overview of which activities are still necessary for your annual goal or whether you are already on target.

Tally sheets and Excel tables were yesterday - JACK is the future!

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Planning security & protection from bad surprises

With Jack, you know exactly whether you and your team are on route with your activities and can plan accordingly in a relaxed manner. If something doesn't go as planned, you recognise this early with Jack, so that you can lead your company back on the right track with the help of corrective actions.

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