For your success, count on the experience and know-how of our team

We support you with our expertise and high-quality solutions so that you achieve even more results!

01. Our Team

We are Monkeys Digital

Our Mission is to inspire and provide the best
experience and results for our customers - one ad at a time.

We support you with our expertise and high-quality solutions so that you achieve even more results!

Phil's great passion is to create solutions. This inspires him to build great new products and optimal growth strategies for clients. As founder, CEO and visionary, Phil leads the monkey gang of Monkeys.Digital.

Phil Rückert

Chief Executive Officer

Florens Bach

PPC Marketing Chief

Florens is the Hulk of the Monkeys when it relates to metrics and analytics. As a PPC Silverback, he heads the Paid Advertising department and runs the highest-turnover Google Ads campaigns.

Marian leads the Marketing & Sales department together with Jonas. Here Marian takes care of optimising marketing strategies for clients, creates true artworks with his digital feather and magically conjures up conversion-boosting texts.

Marian Brandel

Marketing & Sales

Aron Bijl

Chief Design Officer

As a Chief Designer, Aron always has the right eye for detail. With his virtual brush strokes he creates impressive websites, graphics, product designs and much, much more!

Jonas is our young Marketing Genius and regularly scales our Clients’ Websites and Online Shops from the Jungle to the Moon with his Strategies & Consulting.

Jonas Gruber

Marketing & Sales

Luke Greenwood

Software Developer

When coding and implementing new software ideas, Luke feels as happy as a gorilla with a banana in the jungle. His second great passion is sport: he keeps fit playing football and cricket and, for once, gets away from his much-loved MacBook.

Sascha is a blogger, pod-caster and passionate mentor for productivity. His interest is in every- thing digital that makes everyday life and business easier. With his experience in software development, he boosts the digital products of the crazy monkeys.

Sascha Feth


Tom Pauße

PPC Specialist

Tom is a PPC genius and develops strategies for e-commerce and cam- paigns for Amazon and Google Ads. With this he achieves fantastic conversion rates and as a content creator he is on the best way to becoming our next influencer.

Nataliia loves design and enchanting people with it. Her great strength is UI/UX design, in order to fascinate the website visitors of our customers and to optimize the conversion rate.

Nataliia Hnatyk

UX/UI Designer

Paul Schwind

Software Developer

Zeros and ones are Paul's life. Paul is a passionate programmer and works non-stop on the innovative software solutions of the Digital Monkey family.

Elaine loves the beach & the freedom she feels there. She is also curious to always learn about new cultures and get out of her comfort zone in foreign environments so she can learn even more. She also applies this knowledge to gain leads and better understand customer needs.

Elaine Godoy

Lead Generation

Mary Grace Casaba


Mary Grace is a digital native & supports the lead team in attracting new clients. Because of her eagerness to learn new things, she calls herself a “forever student”, even after her bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration. She loves to try out creative ideas & her values make her a perfect fit for the Monkeys team.

Phyllis is our Rising Star in the Google Ads Sky. With her Experience and Skills, she creates powerful Ads that make our Clients’ Competitors look small.

Phyllis Weindorf

Google Ads Manager

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02. Our Services

We make your business grow

Thanks to our years of Experience in Online Marketing, we create Solutions in E-Commerce and bring your Business to the Top of the Jungle. With Paid Advertising like Google Ads, we push your Shop to the Max.

About our Services

04. Our Story

It was the year 2020...

and all of our lives were suddenly completely changed. Where others at one time had to fear for their jobs, we joined forces with our know-how and all our experience, took the crisis as a chance and founded our agency "Digital Monkey Agency" in Würzburg in March.

However, our cooperation began some time earlier, because we wanted to solve a very big problem of many people: To give them the opportunity to be even more productive, to be more successful and to finally be able to realise their full potential. And that is our mission.

And this is exactly why we set out back in 2016 to build the foundation for our first app, "James AI". To do this, we pored over tons of scientific studies, read dozens of books and had countless conversations to find out how we could do tasks even more productively, save time and have much more fun while doing them. With all this knowledge, in 2020 we created the first prototype of James, an artificial intelligence that helps everyone do their daily to-dos.

A long and exciting journey began with our agency and the first software product ...

We knew that many people had to find new ways online due to the changed situation of the pandemic and we wanted to help them with our expertise.

At the beginning, we only created small websites for our first clients and created a few Google Ads, but as we received increased attention through our successful work, more and more orders soon followed... also for content production or SEO and when even orders for complete programmes came in, we were sure that we had followed the right path.

Through several travels and new friendships, a vision appeared to us:

We want to work internationally side by side with people who share the same principles & values as we do, with whom we can develop intelligent, helpful software and link services from experts of all agencies in different countries inEurope and thereby achieve the big goal with combined forces: To become a global digital incubator together.