Moving From Vision To Reality: UX/UI Design For Startup



SmallPond was our client's idea for building a kind of digital travel agency. The agency would provide different tours for those interested in travelling. People would choose a travel experience they wanted to go on and within a few clicks, everything, from hotel booking to travel and transport booking, would be arranged.


Our clients were looking to get funding for further development of the SmallPond platform. They needed our help in developing an interface of main screens to make it able to visualise how the future platform would look like.


Solution & Result

We carried out the research of other travel projects and potential investors to get insights about what they would want to see in such a platform. The whole deliverable helped us to develop an interface that would increase their chances for getting the funding they needed. The user interface we created was based on wireframes that detailed the placement and content of each element on the screen. We used high-fidelity mockups to show how the final product would look and feel, and included interactive features. The end result was an engaging and user-friendly interface that provided potential investors with a clear idea of the SmallPond platform.