Symphony of Art and Marketing: The Website Makeover

Music tells unique stories. It calls up visuals in your mind and evokes emotions. The Schweinfurt Chamber Orchestra takes you on an emotional journey through centuries such as baroque and romanticism. From traditional gigs and masterworks to community concerts, they have it all! But, they realized that as much as they needed to, they needed help telling their own story to the digital world of the XXI age.

The Challenge

The site wasn't designed with the latest trends in mind. It lacked responsiveness, making it feel cramped for bandwidth-hogging smartphones or tablets with wide screens compared to traditional laptops/desktops.

Kammerorchester Schweinfurt

The Solution

UX Research&Usability, UX/UI Website Design, Website Development

Websites are dynamic and ever-changing, so their design must be constantly updated to remain effective. To improve the website's design, our team conducted research and usability tests. We then incorporated our findings and made a UX/UI design of a new site version. Finally, we built the website and made it live.

Kammerorchester Schweinfurt

The Result

The new website is more user-friendly and efficient. It was designed with a modern look and feel. It's intended to give The Chamber Orchestra an up-to-date, fresh image that will entice more people than ever before.