Turning A Website Into a Cartoon Story

The Client

Erich Rauschenbach is a well-known caricaturist and illustrator. He has worked for various publishers, newspapers, magazines, and television channels. Rauschenbach is particularly famous for his funny and clever illustrations. He has a knack for capturing the essence of a person or situation in a single drawing, and his work is often featured in worldwide publications.

Erich Rauschenbach

The Challenge

He came to us asking for help implementing new creative elements on his website. We were more than happy to oblige.

Erich Rauschenbach

The Solution & Results

First, we looked at his existing site and discussed what he was hoping to achieve. After talking to him for a while, we understood his style and what he was looking for. Then, we devised a plan to incorporate new elements that would appeal to his target audience and reflect his personality. Next, we worked with Erich to create a few mockups of the new graphic. He is a funny man, so we made sure to include some humour and use bright colours and bold patterns. Finally, we implemented everything on his website.

Erich Rauschenbach