by Marti Fox & Phyllis Weindorf


The Power Of TikTok

Are you still looking for reasons to use TikTok as your marketing channel ?

Here is the data updated in July 2022:

  • 1TikTok officially reached over 1 billion monthly active users.
  • 2Let’s take as a reference other popular social media platforms:
    • Facebook - 2.9 Billion
    • YouTube - 2.2 Billion
    • Instagram - 1.4 Billion
    • Snapchat - 500 Million
    • Twitter - 397 Million
  • 3The total number of app downloads - The TikTok app has been downloaded over 3.5B times internationally.
The Power Of TikTok
  • 4Monthly Active Users in the United States - TikTok reached over 133 million active users in the United States.
  • 5The percentage of US-based TikTok users by age:
    • 10-19 years old - 32.5%
    • 20-29 years old - 29.5%
    • 30-39 years old - 16.4%
    • 40-49 years old - 13.9%
    • 50+ years old - 7.1%
  • This means that the TikTok user base is aging (get on it as soon as possible!). All data via Comscore.
The Power Of TikTok
The Power Of TikTok
  • 6Average Daily Time Spent per user - TikTok users seem to love the app. They spend an average of 95 minutes per day on the platform and open the TikTok app 8 times a day.
  • 7There is more growth potential because of the demand for the content. The algorithm works differently from the other well-known social media channels. It helps your videos get discovered and seen by many people. The chances that your brand will be presented to a potential customer with more frequency are higher due to the high average daily usage and not so much competition (just yet) compared to other already famous social media platforms.
  • 8You don't need super-professional and quality videos. The quality is what matters (due to the high demand for content), and the product videos should blend into the native content - as TikTok said, "Don't make ads, make TikToks".
The Power Of TikTok
  • 9TikTok is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand/business as a first touchpoint. In contrast, Instagram, on the other hand, can be seen more as a business card.

Example of a remarkable TikTok marketing success story:

The app called Zombie Run experienced a massive success because of TikTok. The app is essentially a game where users are chased by virtual zombies and have to outrun and compete with them. Zombie Run also features other modes, including a cooperative mode where users can team up to escape the zombies. The Tiktok video that featured the app showed a group of friends using the cooperative mode and having a blast. As a result of the video, Zombie Run saw a surge in downloads and became one of the most popular apps in the US for a brief period. While the app's popularity has since decreased, it remains an excellent example of how featuring an app in a popular video can lead to a massive spike in downloads and awareness.

TikTok Audience

There are still so many people who are biased towards TikTok's user base and how it correlates to their target audience - and potential customers.

They argue that TikTok is irrelevant because of its young audience, who doesn't have purchasing power.

I want to examine the status of the TikTok audience today and how it is developing to see if these prejudices are justified or not.

According to a recent study from Statista (from April 2022), TikTok users are actually quite diverse in terms of age, with 41% of users being between the ages of 18 and 24 and 31% being between the ages of 25 and 34. Furthermore, as of May 2020, over 40% of TikTok users in the US had a household income of 100,000 USD and more. So, contrary to popular belief, TikTok does have a diverse and engaged audience that spans different age groups and income levels. And as TikTok continues to grow and evolve, its audience will likely become even more diverse.

Let's look at how social media users overlap on different platforms.

It looks like 50% of Instagram users also use TikTok, similar when it comes to Facebook. But, here is one thing - only 84% of TikTok users use Facebook or Instagram. It means that 16% don't use Facebook or Instagram. So, there are 16% of social media users that we can't reach on platforms other than TikTok. Putting it in numbers, out of 689 million users, there are around 104 million users who can only be reached on TikTok! This graph only includes +18-year-olds, meaning these 104 million users are not minors.

Plus, awareness of TikTok is increasing, and it makes older users often come on the platform. Also, there are fewer and less typical TikTok (or Musically) dance videos. Still, trends head towards educational content, which is the most popular content on the Chinese version of TikTok - Douyin.

Having A TikTok Personal Account As A Business Owner

Creating your personal account on TikTok can be a great way to build your personal brand as an entrepreneur and bring several benefits to your main business.

First, it allows you to reach your target group on a personal level, which can help you better understand their needs and preferences. Additionally, having a personal brand can help you be more flexible in the future if you decide to leave your company or if it gets sold. A brand account is an asset of the company, so if you do not have a plan B for yourself, you will have to "start from scratch".

Personal accounts can also help you get valuable insights into your target group that you can use for paid ad segments. To get more insights, you can also consider creating Podcast Clip Account or Fan Pages around your target audience.

Finally, building a personal brand can help you attract new customers and followers who may not have been aware of your company's account.

Though having your own personal TikTok account comes with lots of benefits, there are some things worth considering if you are just starting your TikTok journey.

When you are at the beginner stage of growing your TikTok business account, you might want to wait to build an additional personal account and leave it for the future. Otherwise, you will have a twofold focus that is not target-oriented.

After getting some skin in the game, you can then consider starting to build your personal account on TikTok.

Remember that: do one thing right and then start a second one.

TikTok Community Guidelines

There is a high probability that you will get in touch with the community guidelines along the way. It's essential that you read about them first, so you know how to deal with them.

Sometimes you might get a warning about violating the community guidelines even if it is not justified. This happens quite often, so it is important to know how to safeguard against it, what to look out for and understand how this happened, so you can prevent it in the future.

One of the main things to keep in mind when using TikTok is to avoid any content that could be considered inappropriate for a younger audience. This includes profanity, violence, illegal substances, hate speech and sexual content. Even something as innocuous as a swear word can cause your video to be flagged by the TikTok community guidelines. In addition, it's important to be mindful of the type of illustrations you use in your videos. Stick with appropriate images for all ages, and avoid anything that could be interpreted as being too suggestive.

Once you receive a strike notification about your video getting removed, the easiest way is to submit an appeal.

The community guidelines are there for a reason - to keep the platform fun and safe for everyone. Multiple violations of these guidelines can result in your account being suspended. While it's easy to accidentally break a rule, multiple violations will likely get your account banned. So if you want to avoid being banned, it's important to be mindful of the guidelines and only post content that abides by them. Otherwise, you risk losing your account and all your hard-earned followers.

In case you violated the community guidelines, I got you covered with the solutions.

Once you receive a strike notification about your video
getting removed, the easiest way is to submit an appeal.

Step by step process of submitting an appeal from :

  • 1Locate the notification in your TikTok inbox.
  • 2Tap the notification.
  • 3Tap Submit an appeal.
  • 4Follow the instructions provided.


  • 1Go to the video.
  • 2Tap Community Guidelines violation: See details.
  • 3Tap Submit an appeal.
  • 4Follow the instructions provided.
The Power Of TikTok

Note: If you delete appealed content that is under TikTok’s review, they might not be able to remove the violation from your record, even if your appeal is successful, neither your content will be restored.

Submit an appeal as soon as possible and wait for TikTok’s response. They will correct the error or send you an answer 24-48 hours later. According to the user’s experience, 50-70% of all posts are being brought back.

In case you got a negative response from TikTok, and the video has not been restored, but you think that the strike is not justified, follow the second step:

go to settings > report a problem >videos & sounds > posting
videos > other > need more help

Describe your situation and add videos or pictures, if possible.

If you don’t know what to write, feel free to use this template:

“Hello, TikTok. Thank you very much for the support I have always received for my account. I believe the video blocked because of the community guidelines, was blocked by mistake. The video is harmless and does not violate any of the rules mentioned. I would be infinitely grateful if you could help us to get our video released again. Love and greetings, [your name].”

From experience, 10-15% of the posts will be restored, but do not have high hopes that your request will be approved because it didn’t work the first time you tried.

If TikTok doesn’t bring your video back, you must reflect on yourself in this situation because the fault will be on your side.

If your account is permanently banned, you will get logged out immediately.
Log in directly; if it works, click on the window that pops up and submit an appeal.


It's also possible that you will no longer be able to get into your account because the login will not work. In this situation, go to the following link - - describe your situation, wait and see.

The Be-All And End-All For A Lot Of Sales From TikTok

Keep in mind that there is no magic solution for marketing and bringing in more sales. At the end of the day, it's your product that matters, regardless of the marketing channel. If you are not successful, don't blame the platform, but think about what might be the real issue and figure it out.

The harsh truth is that most companies will never advertise profitably simply because there is insufficient demand for a particular product. It is painful to accept but even more painful to get stuck in cycles because you refuse to face the truth.

Many people say that there are some hacks and tips for pushing the product forward. However, still, it's getting much more difficult to break through, as the competition in the market is rising, and with them follows the number of different product choices your potential customers have. So, before you start with TikTok marketing, at least you need to ensure that your product is a good fit for the platform, and it's highly probable that it will be well received, and think about how to make a good case for why people should buy it.

The Power Of TikTok

Historical Data

Historical data can be a valuable asset in developing your TikTok marketing strategy. By studying past customer behaviour and looking at customer information from other marketing channels, you can better understand what is most likely to resonate with your target audience and tailor your content and approach to appeal to them on TikTok.

For example, suppose a business sees that its Instagram posts featuring products tend to perform well. In that case, it might consider creating similar content for TikTok. Similarly, suppose its Twitter ads generate a lot of clicks. In that case, the business could create TikTok ads with a similar call to action.

You can also use historical data to inform your decisions about when and how often to post content and which hashtags and filters to use. In short, taking the time to analyze historical data can help you create a more effective TikTok marketing strategy that is more likely to result in real, lasting engagement.

It doesn't mean that you should create content for TikTok that looks like it was copied and pasted from other social media platforms because usually, the content format differs on each one. Still, it's always worthwhile to ask yourself: "What has already worked well, and how can I recreate that for TikTok?".

The Power Of TikTok

Expectations Vs. TikTok

What does the future hold for TikTok? Will it continue to grow at its current rapid pace? Or will it eventually plateau, like other social media platforms before it? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: TikTok has already had a major impact on how we consume content online. And it is sure to continue to shape the social media landscape for years to come.

For businesses and influencers, TikTok offers a unique opportunity to reach a vast and engaged audience. Best of all, it's possible to achieve significant success on TikTok without spending any money. Unlike other social media platforms where organic reach is declining, TikTok continues to place a strong emphasis on promoting content from regular users. With its growing popularity and immense potential, TikTok is a social media platform you can't afford to miss out on.

The Power Of TikTok

NOTE About TikTok

TikTok is a constantly evolving platform with new features, trends, and challenges appearing all the time. For content creators, this can be both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because there's always something new to explore but frustrating because it's hard to keep up. That's why we try to update our content regularly, so you can stay on top of the latest TikTok trends.

TikTok is continuing to grow in popularity, and with that growth comes more opportunities for advertisers. TikTok is now more accommodating to advertisers than ever before, and it is helping them to reach a wider audience. In the past, TikTok has been criticized for its lack of transparency when it comes to advertising, but it has made significant strides in recent months. It is now possible for advertisers to see exactly how their ads are performing, and they can even target specific demographics. As TikTok continues to grow, we will likely see even more changes that benefit both advertisers and users.

Therefore, as TikTok updates its features, you must regularly check for new app updates.

The Power Of TikTok
The Power Of TikTok

The ability to book a room in a hotel or an Airbnb directly from TikTok videos

Currently, if you see a TikTok video of someone staying in a hotel or an Airbnb that you like, you have to do some research to figure out how to book it. But, the situation looks different on Douyin, where you can book a room directly from the app. The best part is that you don't even have to leave the app to do it.

The Power Of TikTok

Virtual tours of stores and restaurants

As more and more businesses move online, virtual tours are a great way to give potential customers a taste of what they can expect. On Douyin, users can now take virtual tours of stores and restaurants before they even step inside. This is especially convenient for those who live in rural areas and might not have easy access to the types of businesses they're interested in. And it's not just businesses that are getting in on the action - tourist attractions like museums and historic sites also offer virtual tours to help promote tourism. With virtual tours, there's no need to worry about language barriers or crowded streets - you can explore at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. So whether you're looking to do some shopping or just want to learn more about a particular place, be sure to check out the virtual tour options on Douyin.

The Power Of TikTok

Geotagged reviews - the ability to leave a review for the location where a user is in

Geotagging is a feature that's been around for years. Still, it's only recently that social media platforms have started to use geotagged reviews - Douyin is one such platform that allows users to leave reviews for the location they're in.

Geotagging, in general, can be a great way to discover new places or to get recommendations from friends on where to go. And now, with the geotagged reviews update, users can also leave a written review for the location they're in. This can be useful for other users who are looking for information about a place, and it can also help businesses to get feedback from customers.

The Power Of TikTok

Full-feature films

Douyin launched a new section of its app devoted to feature-length films. The selection of movies includes both well-known Hollywood blockbusters and lesser-known independent films. This major development allows users to enjoy a wider range of content and, if applied to the western version of the app - TikTok- will create lots of competition for other big streaming service companies.

The Business Aspect Of TikTok

TikTok offers businesses of all types and sizes a unique opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience. However, the e-commerce functionality is still limited at the moment, it will get better in the future.

There are three main ways you can use TikTok as a business:

  • 1Running ads

TikTok Ads are a way for businesses to promote their products or services on the platform. If you don't run TikTok Ads, you don't have much control over who sees your content. By default, your organic content will be displayed to the users in the region of your SIM Card. This means that if you're not running TikTok Ads, you're not reaching the majority of TikTok users. To reach a broader audience on TikTok, you need to run ads. TikTok Ads are targeted to specific demographics, so you can choose who sees your ad based on age, location, and interests. Running TikTok Ads is the best way to ensure that your content is seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in it.

The Business Aspect Of TikTok
The Business Aspect Of TikTok
  • 2Growing your brand account organically by posting regularly

It's no secret that organic reach on social media is declining, and you have probably heard of it. But fortunately, it's not the case on TikTok, which embraces organic content, because the demand for it now is higher than the number of content creators. With more and more people coming to the platform, it will eventually get saturated, so that's why now is the time to take advantage of this enormous opportunity.

As a business, you can post and still grow fast organically. You just need to be strategic about it. First, consider interesting ideas for showing your products in videos. Don't just make ad-like videos. Make interesting and informative videos that will pique people's curiosity about your products. Second, post as the business owner and show how you run it. This will give people a behind-the-scenes look at your company and make them feel like they know you and your brand better.

The Business Aspect Of TikTok
  • 3Using micro-influencers to promote your products

If you're looking for ways to make your content more engaging, you should definitely consider working with TikTok micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are users with a smaller but highly engaged following on the platform. They tend to produce more creative and personal content, which can be great for connecting with your target audience. And since they have fewer followers, they're usually more affordable to work with than traditional influencers.

The Business Aspect Of TikTok

Final tip: As a business, you should get your account verified

You might have seen many brands and influencers have a blue tick next to their name on TikTok. That's because they're verified! Verification on any social media platform is vital to give your account more authority and authenticity. If you're running a business, it's especially important to get verified on TikTok. This is because there might be fake accounts made in your brand's name.

The Business Aspect Of TikTok

There's no specific follower amount that will get you verified. Still, there are a few other ways to get verified on TikTok:

  • Run Ads - The easiest way to get verified is to open an ad account and email TikTok directly. This way, you can communicate with someone from TikTok one-on-one and see what else you need to do to get verified. However, at this moment (when I'm writing the book), one condition must be met to apply for verification - you need to spend at least $50,000 on TikTok ads.
  • Reach out to TikTok directly if you're a well-known brand - If you're a famous brand, like Nike or H&M, you can straight out reach out to TikTok and request verification.

TikTok Shop

TikTok continues to add brand-new functions, some of which will significantly interest brands that are into marketing on social media. After nearly a year of trials, TikTok has presented TikTok Shopping, its latest offering in the world of social commerce.

TikTok Shopping provides a way for TikTok users to purchase items in the app without opening a web browser to go to a separate eCommerce shop. The company says, "TikTok Shopping is the suite of solutions, features, and tools that allow businesses to tap into the power of commerce on TikTok."

When a business establishes TikTok Shopping, it will have a devoted Shopping tab on its profile. The shopping bag icon represents it. Customers can then browse through and choose items within TikTok and then purchase the product, either within TikTok or get transferred to the company's online store for checkout.

TikTok Shop
The Business Aspect Of TikTok

Kylie Jenner's store, Kylie Cosmetics, was one of the first to let its customers shop directly on TikTok.

TikTok initially trialled TikTok Shopping by choosing Shopify merchants in the United States and the United Kingdom, later expanding to Canada. However, it has since rolled it out on a broader scale.

One vital part of TikTok Shopping is the ability to link and tag items in your TikTok videos. This way, you can refer to items in your videos, and your audiences can click through the tagged items to learn more about them. At this moment, TikTok will either direct users through to your storefront to finish the process or complete it within TikTok if you prefer. You can tie in live shopping deals, real-time demos, and live-streamed product showcases with relevant links to purchase services and products.

At the beginning of the TikTok Shopping trial, Shopify observed that "social commerce represents one of the fastest-growing channels for Shopify merchants, especially as more creators count on these platforms to develop their businesses." They added, "Shopify merchants with a TikTok for Business account will quickly be able to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profiles and sync their product catalogues to develop a mini-storefront that links straight to their online shop for checkout." TikTok users can go shopping straight from a merchant's storefront or click a tagged item in a merchant's TikTok video, which will take them to that merchant's online store for checkout. Shopify merchants can produce, run and enhance their TikTok marketing projects straight from their Shopify control panel.

TikTok Shop

Can Everybody Use TikTok Shopping?

TikTok at first restricted TikTok Shopping to selected Shopify-based retailers in the U.S., U.K. and later Canada. They wanted to give this a trial before they expanded the program to a wider audience.

TikTok announced the program's expansion at the first TikTok World marketing event in September 2021. However, since mid-2022, TikTok Shopping is now available to brands in nearly every country worldwide.

TikTok Shop

How to Set up TikTok Shopping

You must have a TikTok for a Business account to set up TikTok Shopping. If you have a business connected to Shopify, you should download the TikTok Shopify app. You can use the app to create video advertisements, track results, and manage your orders, all from within Shopify. In addition to enabling you to handle your TikTok Shopping tab, the Shopify app also incorporates TikTok For Business Ads Manager.

In addition to enabling you to handle your TikTok Shopping tab, the Shopify app also incorporates TikTok For Business Ads Manager.

TikTok Shop

There are now apps for other store types, as well. For instance, if you run a BigCommerce store, you can now download their TikTok for Business app. This app automatically sets up the TikTok Pixel on your storefront so that you can track the results of your marketing campaigns. By syncing your BigCommerce product catalogue to TikTok, you can create rich, vibrant advertisements that display relevant ads to interested users. You can then include a Shopping tab to your profile page with product links that redirect users to your BigCommerce store for a seamless checkout experience.

TikTok Shop

Your Shopping Tab is Your TikTok Shopping Storefront

When running a TikTok Shop, you must treat your Shopping tab as an extension of your eCommerce storefront. Therefore, ensure it looks as attractive as possible to potential customers. So, make your product photos stunning and clear. Preferably, they ought to be branded and recognizably yours, not just some generic photos you've sourced from a supplier's site.

Keep your product titles under 34 characters to guarantee they stay fully visible; however, you can write more detailed descriptions and include all needed information about your products likely to answer your customers' questions.

TikTok Shop

What Can You Do to Create a Successful TikTok Shop?

It might take some time before most people begin to purchase products directly from TikTok. For that reason, you can't anticipate your followers to discover your brand-new TikTok Shopping tab on their own. The shopping bag icon is relatively unnoticeable and low profile.

Ensure you have done all the basics correctly for your company's TikTok account. Begin by evaluating your TikTok bio. You do not have many characters to use compared to other social platforms; however, take advantage of the little area you have to provide precise info about your brand. You must speak TikTok users' language, so include some intriguing emojis. You don't want to seem like some old fuddy-duddy attempting to offer something to them, even if that is your goal. However, make sure you do not accidentally utilize anything wrongly. You must know what an emoji indicates before you use it. Emojipedia can assist you with this.

Also, it's very helpful to add a couple of keywords in your TikTok's name to optimize for SEO and discoverability. But make sure it reads naturally.

Be prepared to promote your catalogue in your videos; however, not in every video. TikTok users are cynical and marketing-savvy about full-on ads. Mention that it's possible to buy directly without leaving the app in your TikTok videos, include clear links, and explain how people can shop from your store. Blend your videos promoting products with other entertaining video clips. Try to make your promotional videos intriguing, possibly including some humour in them. Keep in mind that people do not come to TikTok to shop; they are looking to watch entertaining videos. However, they might choose to buy if your video catches their eye, and they do not have to go through many actions to purchase the preferred product.

Remember to embed your TikTok feed on your website to expose it to an even broader audience. To do so, you can utilize an app like Vop.

Future eCommerce And Business Features

When it comes to the social media app TikTok, China is always ahead of the curve. The Chinese version of the app, Douyin, regularly debuts new features later adopted by the western version. This makes sense, as TikTok is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance and caters primarily to a Chinese audience. However, it also means that users in the west often get a sneak peek at upcoming features.

What is interesting to see is that on the Chinese version of TikTok, educational content is more popular than entertainment content. This is in contrast to the western world, where entertainment content is more popular. It is hard to say why this difference exists (it can be the culture). Still, it is important to note that there is a difference in the way users use TikTok and its Chinese counterpart, Douyin. While TikTok users tend to watch videos for entertainment, Douyin users are likelier to watch videos for educational or informational purposes.

Based on the current features of the Chinese version, we can assume that the following features might be coming up on TikTok in the near future:


Social commerce

Social commerce is the ability to directly purchase the products shown in videos. Recently, TikTok has already introduced this feature, but it is said to develop strongly in the near future.



It's important to understand what your target audience is looking for. If you're wondering what people are asking about the topic related to your niche on the Internet, a great tool to check is AnswerThePublic. This free site takes a keyword or phrase and shows you all the related questions people are searching for. This can be incredibly helpful in understanding what people want to know about your topic and how to better address their needs. For example, let's say you sell skincare products. If you type "skincare" into AnswerThePublic, you'll see questions like "what is the best skincare routine for dry skin?" and "what are the benefits of using skincare products?" This gives you a good idea of the kinds of things people are interested in regarding skincare and what content you can create to address those needs.

But Trends Are Stupid! - Mindset

There are plenty of people who hate following trends and dramas. They would rather stay out of the loop and focus on other things. And that's perfectly understandable! I also do not care about them. However, by playing this game, you can win yourself success on social media. Trending topics and dramas are often driven by emotion, and those who are able to tap into that emotion are more likely to be successful.

Remember: Instead of hating the game, play it and win it.

A good analogy is The Hunger Games. If you have to play it, then you better win it.


Harsh Truth Mindset

With the proliferation of social media and streaming services, we are increasingly surrounded by shorter forms of content - which is having a measurable impact on our attention spans. When watching short-form content, many people don't realize that it's not always a conscious decision. Unlike choosing to read a specific book or take a particular course, we often simply mindlessly scroll and come across videos that are bite-sized and easy to consume. And because of that, we may not think twice about it before pressing play or clicking through.

Harsh Truth Mindset

Visualize The Average Viewer

The TikTok viewer is the viewer who usually doesn't have anything to do at the moment. They are sitting or standing somewhere for 20 seconds wanting to be distracted. Or they are sitting on the toilet. To kill the boredom, they open TikTok and mindlessly scroll to find something entertaining.

Everyone knows the feeling of being in a "Durr state." The Durr state occurs when we are half awake and half asleep, performing routine tasks on autopilot. For example, you might find yourself driving to work and suddenly arriving at your destination without really remembering the drive there. Or maybe you're in the middle of a conversation and suddenly realize you have no idea what the other person just said. We've all been there before - we have zoned out for a few minutes.

When people are scrolling through TikTok, they also find themselves in a durr state. So, to wrap them out of this state, you need to create something extraordinary, something exciting or shocking.

It's important to remember that you're not the only content creator on TikTok. You must be aware that you're competing for attention with other creators your followers see on their feeds. You must be unique enough to catch their attention and differentiate yourself from the crowd. By reading this book, you'll learn the best techniques for creating engaging content. Keep them in mind when creating your videos, and ensure your content is different enough to stand out from the rest.

Stacking Effect And Binge Ability Of Your TikTok Profile

Having just one well-performing video is fine, but having a few well-performing videos is crucial to making your profile successful on TikTok.

The stacking effect is when you have many videos that do well and stack on top of each other. When your profile is stacked with engaging content, its binge ability increases. Binge ability measures how addicting your content is - the more binge-able, the better. Make your video interesting enough to catch the viewer's eyeballs so they check out your profile. And then make sure your profile has a binge ability because it will make them watch more of your videos and keep them coming back.

Have you ever noticed how you can sit down to watch just one episode of your favourite TV show, and then suddenly you look up, and you've watched six episodes in a row? It's like you got sucked into the story and couldn't pull yourself away. That's what happens with good TikTok videos. They engage the viewer and hold their attention.

Harsh Truth Mindset


Throughout your TikTok journey, you will experience ups and downs, but do not give up. Your worst enemy will be self-doubt. I want you to keep that in mind so that when you start getting discouraged, you will quickly recognize it and get back on track.

Harsh Truth Mindset

You will think…

Day 1: Everyone seems to be using TikTok these days. I'm curious about what all the fuss is about. Let's give it a try!

Day 3: I'm proud of myself for getting more consistent!

Day 5: Ok. It looks like nothing is happening here…

Day 14: It was exciting at first. Now it's just getting repetitive and boring. I'm pretty disappointed because there's almost no engagement.

Day 30: I've been doing it for a month now. I'm pretty disappointed because there are almost no results, no engagement, just some followers. I'm sad that my creativity isn't being appreciated.

Day 60: Wow! What is happening? People started to notice my TikTok videos, and things are picking up! I'm surprised and excited that my content is being well-received. It's great to know people are enjoying it, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Day 300: I can't believe this is reality. All
these people… it's just… incredible. I made it!

You will think…

Day 1: Lol, look at this guy. He thinks he can give people advice. Can you believe it? He must be kidding himself.

Day 30: OMG. He's still posting every day. What a loser, haha. I'm wondering when he's gonna give up.

Day 90: Hahahaha, he's selling his coaching now! Still only 150 followers. Lmao.

Day 300: Congrats, man. I have always believed in and supported you. I'm now telling people we used to hang out!

Day 400: WOW. This human is unstoppable. 6 figures, 80k followers… Show me how to do it.

The #1 Ingredient For Virality - DOPAMINE

Dopamine is a vital neuromodulatory molecule that plays numerous roles in cellular function. It is involved in regulating mood, motivation, and pleasure-seeking behaviours. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centres. It is released when we eat food or drink water, have sex, or exercise. It is also released when we do something that we enjoy, or that has potential rewards. For example, dopamine is released when we see a picture of someone we love or… when we receive a like on our latest post.

Social media platforms are designed to release dopamine within us. They are designed to make us feel good, so the better they make us feel, the more we indulge in them, the more often we are on the platform, and the more time we spend there. So, the conclusion is that the more dopamine your content releases within your audience, the more likely they will come back to your profile and consume your content.

Dopamine gets released whenever there is a novelty - in other words, whenever something interesting is happening. This helps to explain why we're more likely to be engaged when we're doing something new or exciting, as our brains are rewarded with a dopamine hit.

Imagine you watch a video where a person stands against a white wall and just speaks to the camera. It's pretty dull. And now, imagine you're consuming the same content, but the person is standing on the surfboard surfing down the wave. Behind them, the ufo is flying; next to them, there is a volcano explosion, and different things are popping up on the screen. I bet this is something way more interesting. Of course, that's just a metaphor because if there were so many things popping up, people wouldn't really focus on what the person is saying. You do not need to go this extreme, but just remember to apply some novelty to your videos. For example, you can add some jump cuts - read: cuts within the video, or you can do the background changes.

Harsh Truth Mindset

To understand it better, get a feeling for dopamine hits yourself, but consciously. Watch your behaviour when you're consuming content, especially short-form video content. When are you feeling bored from a video? What's making you feel bored? How and why did you end up watching this video? Why did you stop watching the video? Why did you skip the video?

To improve the quality of the content you put out there, do the "short attention span" audience test. It means that you find a person with a really short attention span, and you develop the habit of sending them your videos and asking them what they think. If they are bored with this content, then it's highly probable that other people will get bored, too. It is important to show your videos to the person who doesn't care about you or what you produce. If they love you and support what you're doing, they will not be able to see what is missing.

HACK: Get Your Watch Rate ABOVE 100%

What I mean by getting your watch rate above 100% is that people watch your TikTok video multiple times, not just once. This is EXTREMELY important for success on TikTok. This can be a deciding factor in going viral! Note that this will not apply to all types of content equally. For example, if you produce a hero-story video or some educational videos, people will watch them with less frequency.

As a rule of thumb: If you can apply one (or multiple) of the points below to your TikTok video, then absolutely do so.

The ways to make people watch your videos more than once:

  • The video is pleasant to watch - you are shooting at nice scenery, producing a high-quality video, etc.
  • The video is "satisfying to watch" because the audio and video are perfectly in sync.
  • The person/people in the video are good-looking.
  • A loop effect is a kind of effect where the ending of the video overlaps with the beginning in a way that makes it hard to say when it finishes and when it starts.
  • There are "suspicious" things happening in the background that people want to look at again to be sure.
  • Something funny and unexpected is happening in the video.


With the proliferation of social media and streaming services, we are increasingly surrounded by shorter forms of content - which is having a measurable impact on our attention spans. When watching short-form content, many people don't realize that it's not always a conscious decision. Unlike choosing to read a specific book or take a particular course, we often simply mindlessly scroll and come across videos that are bite-sized and easy to consume. And because of that, we may not think twice about it before pressing play or clicking through.

Then, if you're looking to get more views on other of your TikTok videos, one of the most important things to focus on are your thumbnails. Thumbnails of your TikTok videos that people see on your profile should entice them to watch more of your videos. To achieve this, your thumbnails should be high quality and represent the content of your video in an accurate and visually appealing way. In addition, your thumbnail should be distinctive and memorable, so people will recognize it when they see it on their feed. After all, the more views you get, your channel will be more successful.

Binge-ability is all about keeping viewers hooked from beginning to end. It's the reason why people can watch an entire season of a TV show in one sitting or why they can't stop watching certain TikTokers. And it's something that you can strive for with your TikTok profile. But what makes a video "binge-worthy"?

There are a few things you can do to make your videos more binge-able. Make sure your videos are entertaining and engaging from start to finish. Nobody wants to watch a video that's boring or drags on forever. Finally, try to keep your videos short and sweet. People's attention spans are shorter than ever these days, so it's important to make your videos as concise as possible. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that your TikTok profile is as binge-worthy as possible!

Remember that at the beginning, you aim to build a small warm following; then, you must stay consistent to build it up. Any business owner will tell you it takes a lot of hard work to succeed. Despite what social media may lead you to believe, there are no overnight successes. For those who want to build a sustainable business, consistency is key. You need to produce quality content regularly if you want to attract and retain clients or customers. Of course, the occasional viral video can give you a boost. Still, it's not enough to sustain a business in the long run. If you're not consistent, people will lose interest and move on to someone else who is. So, to build a successful business, remember to be consistent with your content. It may not be the sexiest advice, but it is what it is.

Comment Baits

If you're trying to get your TikTok videos to go viral, one of the things is to encourage users to leave comments. The video keeps playing in the background when a user leaves a comment. Comments not only help to increase the overall watch time of your videos, but they also allow you to interact with your audience, make users interact between themselves, and build a community.

The idea behind the "Comment Baits" concept is to include some things in your caption or the video that make people want to comment.

There are a few ways to do it:

  • Edit 1 or 2 frames of something/someone into your video - people will comment, "wait, did anyone see XYZ pop up for a second?"
  • Add something funny that people notice in the background - people will comment, "hey, did anyone notice XYZ in the background? Lol"
  • Ask about people's opinions in the caption or the video - there's always some drama going on in the world, especially regarding celebrities. People love to gossip about who is dating or who said what about someone else. This can be great fodder for your videos. By researching and including some current drama in your videos, you can get people talking and engaging with your content, as they are already freaking out about it on the Internet. Ask your viewers for their opinions on it, and surely you will get some passionate responses.
  • Ask questions in the video/caption.
  • Prompt people to tag someone in the comments.

Hitchhiking Trends

Regarding content creation, there's a lot of debate over whether it's better to niche down or go for a more general approach. When it comes to TikTok, though, the answer is clear: you should go for a more general approach. TikTok loves when you address a broader audience, and the algorithm for videos works completely separately from your profile. This means that you don't have to worry about alienating potential fans by catering too specifically to one group. YouTube, on the other hand, punishes you when you address a broader audience. But again, this is not the case on TikTok.

Think who could get included in your potential target audience, apart from your obvious niche. I will give you some examples:


Dating coach

Other audiences could include fitness, self-development, mindfulness, etc.


Guitar coach

Other audiences could include fans of rock, jazz, art, etc.


Social Media consulting for coaches

Other audiences could include mindset, self-development, productivity, lifestyle, motivation, etc.


E-Commerce shop selling pet products

When creating the content, you not only want to showcase your products but raise the matter of treating animals, their diseases, pet adoption, etc.

The idea is: Going broad and then niching down.

First, you create short-form video content that addresses a broader audience. Then anyway, people will filter themselves as they come to your profile. They wilL decide to stay or they will leave. People, who are interested in what you have to offer, will stay.

When it comes to attracting a broad audience on TikTok, one of the best things you can do is to jump on trending topics. This could be some piece of drama that's blowing up or something that everyone is talking about at the moment. For example, when the Johnny Depp trial was going on, people were absolutely obsessed with it. If you can take a trending topic and tie it into your niche or the content of your videos, you'll be in a great position to get some views and followers.

For example:


Fitness coach

A celebrity lost weight, and everyone is talking about it. Hitchhike on that trend.


Dating coach

XYZs are getting divorced, and everyone is talking about it. Hitchhike on that trend.


Cryptocurrency coach

BTC is going up again. Hitchhike on that trend.

I think that connecting a trending topic to your videos is awesome, but you have to be mindful about it. You don't want to alienate or offend your audience by taking a side on a controversial issue. Instead, ask your audience about THEIR opinions. This way, you can start a dialogue without taking a stance yourself. I think that this is a great way to get people talking and engaged with your content. It shows that you're curious and open-minded and value your audience's input.

Hitchhiking Trends

How To Find What's Trending

  • 1IG Reels / TikTok Explore Page
  • Whether talking about politics, debating the merits of different sports teams, or simply sharing recipes and tips, people love to engage in a lively discussion on social media. So, whenever something is trending, I can bet there are Reels or TikToks about it.

  • 2Google Trends
  • Before you start writing, you want to make sure that your topic is actually trending. That way, you can be confident that people will be interested in what you have to say. Google Trends is a great tool for checking whether a topic is currently popular. Just enter the topic into the search bar, and Google will show you how often it has been searched for over time. You can also use Google Trends to compare multiple topics and see which one is more popular. Just enter up to five topics, and Google will show you a graph of their relative popularity. Remember that trends change over time, so check back regularly to see if your topic is still trending.

Hitchhiking Trends
  • 3Twitter Trending
  • Twitter is a great place to find out what topics are trending. You can search for particular keywords or phrases or simply browse the Trending Topics section. Either way, you'll be able to see what people are talking about in real-time. That makes Twitter an ideal platform for staying up-to-date on current events and finding out what people are interested in. Plus, since Twitter is so widely used, you're likely to find information on any topic you can think of. So if you're ever curious about what's happening in the world, or if you want to find out more about a certain topic, check Twitter Trending.

Create a TikTok Account

Registering for a TikTok account is quick and easy, whether you do it through the website or the app. If you go to the TikTok website, you'll find the register button at the top right of the page. Or, you can download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store and register directly within the app. In either case, all you need is an email address or a phone number and a password, and you'll be good to go. However, there are some disadvantages to using our phone numbers as our primary way of accessing our accounts. For one thing, if we lose our phone or change our number, we may have trouble accessing our account. So next time you're asked for your contact information, consider using your email address instead of your phone number.

Create a TikTok Account

What Goes Into A Profile

Create a TikTok Account

Your TikTok name and username are the first things people see in your profile. It's important to choose something that accurately represents who you are, what kind of content you produce, and what you have to offer. Many people don't consider this and end up making mistakes that leave a bad impression. For example, many people choose names that are too long or hard to pronounce. Others include symbols or numbers that can be confusing.

So how can you choose a TikTok name that will make a good impression?

Let's start by discussing the principles:

TikTok Name

  • It doesn't have to be unique
  • The search algorithm indexes it
  • It can be changed at any time

TikTok Username

  • It doesn't have to be unique
  • The search algorithm indexes it
  • It can be changed once every 30 days

The app's search algorithm indexes both name and username. This means that if somebody searches for a word or a phrase that appears in your name or username, your account is more likely to come up as a result. While this may seem like a small detail, it presents a unique opportunity for users to make their accounts more discoverable. By including relevant keywords in your name or username, you can ensure that people interested in your content are more likely to find and follow your account. So if you're looking to give your TikTok account a boost, consider carefully choosing keywords that accurately describe your content and incorporating them into your name or username. Don't waste this opportunity by having the same name and username, as you are missing out on potential keywords that you could include either in your name or username.

Create a TikTok Account

General rules you should follow when

choosing your username:

  • 1Keep it simple and short
  • 2Don't use special characters
  • 3Don't use several letters in a row
  • 4Don't add a random string of
    digits at the end
The Power Of TikTok

Personal Profile

When you create a personal profile or personal brand profile, ideally, your username should be your name.

What to do when your name is already taken:

  • Add "iam" or "im" (I am) before your name
  • Use the initial of your first or last name
  • Add an adjective before or after your name, like "great", "awesome", "expert", etc.
  • Replace your last name with a relevant keyword:
    • A word with the same initial as your name
    • A word that rhymes with your name
    • A word that represents your industry or niche
Create a TikTok Account

Business Profile

When you create a business profile, ideally, your username should be your company's name.

What to do when your name is already taken:

  • Add the name of your industry or your product.
  • Add "official" at the end.
  • Add ".com" (or other) to your name if you have a website - it increases the probability that someone will search for it, and it arouses interest in looking it up. However, choose a domain as a name if it's not too long.
  • Add "TikTok" before or after your username.
  • Add your location if you have a physical store.
  • Shorten your name
  • Add other words that help your business

If you're a known brand and you find accounts that have your name and pretend to be you, you can report them to TikTok, and they'll take them down.

Create a TikTok Account

Theme Account

If you create a Theme Account, your username has to clarify what the account is about

Theme Account

Profile Picture Or Logo

Your profile picture is the first thing people will see when they come across your account, so it's important to choose an image that represents you and your brand well. If you're using a personal photo, make sure it's clear and easy to see what it is. If you're using a logo, keep in mind that it will be resized down to a very small size in the feed, so choose something that will still be legible at that scale. A simple, clean image is always a good choice when in doubt. With a little thought and care, you can ensure that your profile picture makes the best possible impression on potential new followers. You also have the option to add a profile video instead of a picture, but this is rarely used.

Theme Account

Business Profile

An easy way to do this is to use your logo as your profile picture. This gives potential customers a quick and easy way to identify your brand. Remember, however, that your profile picture should be easily recognizable even when it's small. So, if your logo is complex, you may want to consider using a simplified version or just the icon.

Business Profile

Personal & Personal Brand Profile

When selecting a photo for your personal TikTok profile, avoid full-body shots. These can be difficult to recognize, particularly if the background is busy or you're far away from the camera. Instead, opt for a close-up of your face. This will help people to quickly identify who you are, and it will also give them a better sense of your personality. Be sure to choose a clear and well-lit photo, and try to differentiate your face from the background so that you stand out.

Theme Account
Business Profile

Like many people with a strong personal brand, Alex Hormozi relies on close-up shots of his face to create a connection with his audience. By keeping the focus on his funny face, Alex ensures that his audience will remember him. Additionally, he differentiates himself from the background by wearing bright colours or patterns that make him stand out. As a result, his face becomes the centrepiece of his brand, and he can create a strong connection with his audience.

Another great example is Will Smith, who differentiated his face from the background by creating a strong contrast in colours.

Theme Account

You can create a simple logo for a profile picture of the Theme Account.

Theme Account

Getting A Great Profile Picture

Or Logo

Personal Profile - Your Profile Picture

  • 1Cheapest Option - edit an existing picture of yourself to make it look more polished on your own.

You can use to remove the background.

  • 2Rent a DSLR camera and take high-quality pictures yourself ($40 - $50 / day)
  • 3If you don't have any good-quality photos to choose from, you can check out the camera rental platforms in your area and rent a DSLR for a day.
  • 4This option is the most expensive one, but I think it's a good return on investment because when you're building a personal brand, it's always useful to have some great pictures of yourself to use across multiple platforms.
The Power Of TikTok

Business Profile or Theme

Account - Logo

  • 1Create a logo yourself in Photoshop or Photopea (cheap but complicated and time-consuming)
  • 2Use an online logo creator like Wix's logo maker or
  • 3Hire a graphic designer to create your logo using platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, or 99desings
The Power Of TikTok

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for finding creative professionals, and it's easy to see why. The site offers a wide variety of designers to choose from, and you can browse through portfolios to get an idea of their style and expertise. What's more, Fiverr makes it easy to compare prices and services, so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money. Whether you're looking for a simple logo or something more complex, Fiverr is a great place to start your search.

If you're looking to hire a freelancer on Upwork, you can't hire them directly. Once you find a freelancer you want to work with, you need to create a job post and invite them to it. The freelancer will then submit a proposal outlining their rates and availability. If you're happy with the proposal, you can award the job to the freelancer and begin working with them.

Business Profile

Remember: When searching for logo designers on Fiverr or Upwork, consider their ratings, as well as "Money Earned" on Upwork. You can set up your preferences in the Filter section.

If you're looking for a high-quality, custom-designed logo, 99designs is the way to go. It's more expensive than other options, but with good reason. Here's how it works: you create a contest on their site, specifying what kind of design you're looking for. Then, designers from all over the world submit their proposals, and you get to pick the one you like best. So not only do you end up with a great final product, but you also get to see what each designer is capable of before making your decision.

Business Profile

Your TikTok Bio

If you're marketing on TikTok, one of the first things you need to do is create a good bio. This is where you'll introduce yourself and your brand to potential customers. And if you do it right, it can be a powerful tool for converting views into purchases. But if you do it wrong, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. So, let's talk about what makes a good TikTok bio!

Your TikTok Bio

There are 4 main types of TikTok Bio:

  • 1Link Bio

It is possible to add a link to your Bio if you have at least 1000 followers. Many high-end brands do that because it looks very minimalistic.

  • 2List Bio

Add a short list of things that describe you or your content.

  • 3Link Bio

Use 1 or 2 sentences to explain who you are or what the account is about.

You can also write "CEO of 'something' "- it's a trend on TikTok, and some people use it as a joke.

  • 4Link Bio

Give people a reason to follow you by hooking them up with something interesting. Many people use money giveaways to create a Hook Bio, for example, "I randomly give $1000 to my followers", or if you are a well-known personality, it even works if you write "I randomly follow back".

PRO Tips

  • 1Bio message should match the brand/the content

A TikTok Bio is a perfect way to introduce yourself and your content to the TikTok world. It's important to ensure that your Bio reflects your brand or the type of content you create. If you're posting funny videos, keep your Bio light-hearted and humorous. If you're posting serious, informative videos, your Bio should be professional and straightforward. By having a well-crafted bio, you'll make sure that people stick around to watch your videos.

  • 2Add Emojis

If you want to make your TikTok Bio stand out, emojis are a great way to do it. A well-placed emoji can attract more attention to your Bio and clarify the message you're trying to communicate. For example, if you're trying to convey that you're funny and creative, using a laughing emoji or a creative emoji can help to get that message across. And if you're looking to attract more followers, using emojis like the heart eyes or 100 can help to show that you're welcoming and approachable.

  • 3Include a call-to-action

If you're promoting a product or service on TikTok, include a call-to-action (CTA) in your Bio. A CTA is a brief statement encouraging your followers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase. Including a CTA in your Bio can be an effective way to generate sales, so don't miss out on this opportunity. Keep your CTA short and to the point, and make sure it's relevant to the products you're promoting. For example, if you're selling cosmetics, you might include a CTA such as "Click the link to buy our new lipstick!" Including a CTA in your Bio can increase your chances of making a sale and boost your bottom line. Tip: when you are promoting a service, you can offer people a freebie to download, so you collect email addresses first, and then you market to them using email.

  • 4Don't include too many call-to-actions

People have a short attention span, so you want to make your command as clear as possible. If you include more than one CTA, it can be confusing and overwhelming, so the users might stop paying attention.

  • 5Don't put a Linktree link (or other "tree" links) in your TikTok Bio. Instead, use a single link.

In case you haven't heard, Linktree is a platform that allows you to have multiple links on one landing page. While adding a Linktree link in your TikTok Bio at first may seem like a good idea, there are some drawbacks to doing it. It can make your Bio look cluttered and unorganized and deter people from clicking on any of your links, as they may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices on a third-party landing page full of links. TikTok users are more likely to be looking for quick, engaging content, and it's not easy to get their attention to stop scrolling and check your profile. If you get this chance and want some conversions, provide them with the easiest way to buy

  • 6Avoid putting links in the Bio

When creating your TikTok, it is important to choose your links carefully. While a URL shortener like can be helpful in some cases, it can also give users the impression that you are trying to hide something. After all, why not just use the full link? In most cases, it is best to stick with well-known and trusted website domains. This way, the users and your followers will know exactly where they are going when they click on a link.

Types Of Links In Bio

Button Links

Button links are available for all users and give you a chance to connect your YouTube and Instagram profiles to your TikTok account.

Regular Links in Bio

You must have a minimum of 1000 followers to use this feature. It's a way to send people to your website or to a lead magnet where you can collect email addresses.

Special "Download App" Link for App Companies

Verified app businesses can add a "Download app" link to their profile.

Your TikTok Bio

Connect YouTube And Instagram


One of the great things about TikTok is that you can connect your account to other social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. This can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • 1It allows you to reach a wider audience with your content.
  • 2It can help to increase your followers on other platforms.
  • 3It helps to create a more cohesive online presence.

So if you're looking to get the most out of TikTok, be sure to connect your YouTube and Instagram accounts. You'll be glad you did!

Connect YouTube And Instagram

To add a social media account to a TikTok profile:

  • 1Tap Profile in the bottom right.
  • 2Tap Edit profile.
  • 3Select Add Instagram to your profile or Add YouTube to your profile to link your social media accounts.

If you connect other accounts, TikTok users can easily see it because there is an icon that appears in your profile.

When it comes to building a strong community, YouTube provides a much more unique space for creators to build relationships with their viewers. Unlike other platforms where users consume content passively, YouTube encourages viewers to interact with the content and the creator. This interaction can take many forms, from leaving comments and questions on videos to subscribing to a channel and following a creator on social media. Over time, this interaction builds trust and rapport between the viewer and the creator, creating a strong sense of community. At the same time, when you make call-to-actions in YouTube videos, they are stronger than on other platforms. However, many people do not start with Youtube because of the apparent effort involved.

Connect YouTube And Instagram

Personal vs. Business Account

On TikTok

On TikTok, you can choose to have a Personal or a Business Account. These types of accounts differ in features and have their pros and cons. Such things may change soon as TikTok is developing fast. You can keep up to date with them by checking the following link:, or typing in Google Search Personal and Business Accounts on TikTok.

To switch your account type:

  • 1Tap Profile in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • 2Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to go to your settings.
  • 3Tap Manage Account.
  • 3Tap Switch to Business Account to choose.

Follow the instructions to finish.

Connect YouTube And Instagram

TikTok Extra Settings

  • 1Go to your profile, then tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Suggest your account to others: Activate all buttons.
  • 2Go to your profile, then tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Sync contacts and Facebook friends: Activate all buttons.
  • 3Go to your profile, then tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Mentions and tags: Select "Everyone", so everyone can tag you.

Sometimes it can have a negative effect if people react to you in a negative context. However, the potential negative cost is lower than a high reward you can get. When more people interact with you, it gives the TikTok algorithm a signal that your account is valuable. These three settings should increase the speed you reach the first 1000 followers - when you can finally add a link in your Bio.

TikTok Extra Settings

You can also consider whether or not you want people to be able to see who you follow (in case you have a personal account and don't want to reveal who your family or friends are if you follow them). You can also decide if you want everyone to be able to see what videos you have liked.

There is also a setting option "Profile Views". It allows you to see who has viewed your TikTok profile within the last 30 days and the other way around.

  • 1It's a good way to get an idea of who is interested in your content, and if you are reaching the target audience you want to reach.
  • 2You can keep track of who is viewing your profile, so you can follow them back or engage with them in many other ways.
  • 3When people see that you have been visiting their profile, it increases the likelihood that they will become aware of you.
TikTok Extra Settings

Get Your Account Verified

When an account is verified by TikTok, it shows a blue check mark next to your username. This means that the account is of public interest, and it is confirmed that it is the authentic account belonging to the user. A verified badge can help increase your TikTok following because it adds more legitimacy to your account. When people see that you are a verified user, they are more likely to trust your content and follow you.

If you're just starting on TikTok, you might be wondering how to get that coveted blue verification badge. But the truth is, it's not always possible to get verified, especially if you have a small account or you're not a known person or business. And that's okay! The verification process is meant to add an extra layer of security for high-profile accounts. Still, it doesn't necessarily mean that your content is more valuable or that your account is more legitimate. So don't stress about it too much – focus on creating quality content and building a strong community. The verification will come eventually if it's meant to be.

There are three situations in which you can get your TikTok account verified:

  • 1You're a famous personality or business outside of TikTok.
  • 2You're a famous personality inside of TikTok.
  • 3You're a business that spent at least $50,000 on ads.


It's important to be aware of scam websites that claim to be able to help you verify your account. These websites are usually trying to get your personal information so they can steal your identity or take over your account. The only way to verify your TikTok account is through

the official TikTok website or app. So if you come across a website that claims to be able to help you verify your account, be very careful. Don't enter any personal information on the site, and report it to TikTok so they can take action against the scammer.

Harsh Truth Mindset

How To Change Your Location

Most social media platforms determine your location based on your GPS location or Wi-Fi. They will also serve you content from all over the world. But one thing that makes TikTok unique is that it determines your location based on which country your SimCard is from, regardless of where you are located at the time. It means that if you want your content to be served to people in the US, you need to have a US SimCard. So, even if you're currently living in Germany, if your SimCard is from France, most of the content you see on your TikTok feed will be from France. Your own content will be displayed in France, too.

Suppose you want to see more English content, for example. In that case, you must teach the algorithm what you like by watching more English videos or searching for relevant keywords. So, in general, the content you see in your feed will be a combination of your SimCard origin and your preferences that the algorithm learns over time. However, you can't expect that it will adapt the same way to other users, and they will magically see your content just because you started changing your own preferences. The only actual way to make your target audience see your content is to get SimCard from the country they are originally from. Don't worry. It isn't very complicated. You can purchase the right SimCard on Amazon, and they will ship it to you.

If you run a business and your target market is in the other country than your SimCard is from, purchasing the SimCard from your target market's country is not an option - it is a MUST if you want to market your product successfully on TikTok.

How To Change Your Location

Anyone with an internet connection and a phone can be a TikTok creator, but growing your account successfully as a business takes a different effort, strategy, and creativity. If you want to get more views on your TikTok videos and turn them into sales, here are a few tips to get you started.

TikTok's Simple Growth Formula

Post several times a day

Your TikTok videos are not only displayed to your followers but also a lot of other TikTok users. Each video you post will be shown to a different group of people, so this way, you do not need to worry that your videos will be competing for attention. Feel free to post multiple times a day. I know, it's way different to what you had learnt about other social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook - where your posts are showing first to your followers, so naturally, you don't want to "overwhelm" them with your content. Hence, you decide to reduce posting frequency. But is it the case on TikTok?

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Let's look at some popular accounts on the platform to see their posting frequency.

Clayton Morris


When you analyze his account, you will notice that he posts between 1 to 5 times a day - at least for the last couple of days when I'm writing this guide.

Harsh Truth Mindset

Charli D'Amelio


This is a huge TikTok account, and you can see that this content creator posts tons of videos every day - between 4 to 6 times! And that's not because she has lots of followers. She has lots of followers due to her posting frequency. People who are very active on TikTok get promoted by TikTok, and their accounts get boosted by the algorithm.

So, it seems that the more you post, the more you increase your chances of going viral. When starting out, it is recommended that you post 3-5 times a day to boost your growth, and once you reach a larger number of followers, you can slow down to maybe one post a day. However, test it yourself and see how it is working for you. Make a notice if your growth gets slower or engagement lower, or if it remains stable. What you want to achieve depends on your personal goals. But, to make it clear: the biggest accounts on TikTok post a few times a day.

You also don't have to create fancy videos or stress too much about the quality, as we already know that quantity is what matters.

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Participate in challenges and trends

Participating in challenges and trends is a great way to grow your TikTok account fast, so be aware of what's trending and put your own spin on it. To highlight the main distinction between them: trends are created by TikTok users, whereas challenges are created directly by TikTok, and you can see them in a Discovery Tab.

Challenges and trends will not always resonate with your business entirely, so to take advantage of them, you can think about how to adapt them to your needs.

Let's say you're a real estate agent, and there might be a new dancing trend going on the TikTok platform... Do not just copy and paste what other users are doing, but adapt this trend to your niche. For example, you might want to showcase a property in a fun way and perform the dance in each room.

Let's browse together a couple of trends!

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Let's browse together a couple of trends!

This is the sound people are currently using and creating videos with it:


There can be many different trends. For example, it can be music, dance, sound or filter. Or, some of them might be combined.

Here, there is another example of a trend, but this time it is a filter:


Make TikTok videos that your audience can relate to and would want to share with others.

If you can succeed in making truly share-worthy content, your audience will help promote your videos for you. To create relatable videos, you need to identify the topics your niche's audience can really connect to. TikTok is all about creating content that your audience can relate to and would want to share with their friends.

The videos that can be most relatable are the ones that make your audience laugh. They are always popular on TikTok. If you can add a little humour to your videos, you'll get more shares and likes. But sometimes, sincerity is key. If you're filming something truly heartwarming or vulnerable, your audience will appreciate it and want to share them. So don't be afraid to Mix up your content and see what works best.

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Comments increase watch time.

It's hard to say if the video is popular, so it has a lot of comments, or if it became popular because of many comments.

On TikTok, while someone is commenting, the video keeps playing in the background, which means that the total watch time increases. For example, suppose someone spends 15 seconds watching the actual video, then 30 seconds commenting, and another 30 seconds reading other users' comments. In that case, their total watch time will count for 1 minute and 15 seconds (as if they had watched this video 5 times!). And TikTok rewards videos that have a high watch time because its algorithm assumes that the video is engaging.

The conclusion is that the more comments you get on a video, the better your video will perform. That's why it is so vital that you engage with the commenters on your videos and encourage a longer conversation.

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Create videos without spoken language or text

Whenever we hear that adding the text to your videos can improve their performance, it can also be the other way around.

Creating videos without any spoken language or text is a great way to overcome the language barrier, giving you a chance to go viral internationally. Because most TikTok users are also from Asia and other countries, if you don't attach any specific language to your video, it will be easier "digestible" for them. You have more chances these users will pick up your video, and TikTok will show it to more and more of its users.

So, remember this idea: if you are looking at the video and you can't say where it is from, it will have a higher chance of getting displayed to various international audiences.

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Be authentic and have fun.

People can sense if you are authentic or not. They will be able to smell from far if you are doing it just for money or you're just trying to copy others.

The First 1000 views

TikTok is not comparable to YouTube. There are many things that YouTube offers that TikTok does not, and vice versa. Each platform has its unique features and functions that appeal to different types of users. TikTok is famous for its quick, bite-sized videos, while YouTube is known for its longer, in-depth content.

TikTok is a unique social media platform that offers a variety of short-form and ever-changing content. On the other hand, YouTube has been around for much longer. It offers a more static selection of longer user-generated videos.

They are two different video-sharing platforms, and you can't compare them. Also, the strategies to jumpstart and breakthrough in each of them will differ significantly.

Also, getting more views on TikTok than on YouTube is much easier due to their short format. From my experience, I would say that getting the first 1000 views on your video is the standard if you offer at least good quality content. What do I mean by that? Well, it's all about good lighting, recording in high quality (for example, by phone like iPhone 11 or above), and understanding your target group and what they want to engage with.

Getting 1000 views on the video is not a superstar skill because almost every video receives this amount of views. If you stay consistent after a few weeks, this should be the standard for each of your videos.

The First 100,000 To 1 Million Views

There are several ways to get this much traction on TikTok. One way is to post often, at least a few times a day. This will keep your account active and top of mind for viewers.

Another method is to use creative and engaging videos. Your videos should be exciting and fun to watch, and they should also promote your products or services. If you can create videos that people want to watch, you'll be able to generate more views and, ultimately, more sales.

Then, the key to increasing views and conversions is ensuring your videos engage and entice people to buy. This means including strong visuals, exciting storylines, and, ideally, a call to action at the end of the video. Otherwise, you can indeed go viral and get lots of views but generate almost no orders. Ensure your profile is complete and includes a link to your eCommerce store. This will make it easy for viewers to find and purchase your products.

TikTok's rule is that, when making a product video on TikTok, you must keep in mind that you want to create exciting and engaging content rather than a blatant advertisement. You can achieve this by choosing a subject that touches people's hearts or appeals to a broader audience. It doesn't mean that the video will not relate to your specific niche because you can still make it that way by adapting it. Let me give you a simple example: You give your product to the homeless. This is a great way to show how your product can be used in a real-world setting and help to humanize your brand.

Finally, be sure to upload your video regularly and use creative thumbnails and titles to attract attention. By following these tips, you can create successful product videos on TikTok that will help promote your brand and engage with your audience.

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10,000,000 Views Formula

To achieve this amount of views on the TikTok video, it must appeal emotionally to a broad audience. The content must be about something universally interesting, like childhood dreams, sexuality or… food. If you can create a video that stirs up viewers' emotions and gets them talking, you're sure to see a lot of engagement and views. The video must also be well produced and edited, with an engaging and exciting storyline.

To be clear, sales don't necessarily correlate with the number of views your TikTok video receives. You can still make a lot of sales even if your video doesn't have a ton of views. So don't worry if your video isn't getting as many views as you'd like. Keep working hard and promoting your video, and you'll see the sales rolling in.

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Why Virality Isn't Always Beneficial

On TikTok

There are a few reasons why virality isn't always beneficial on TikTok. The first reason is that you can get lost in the shuffle if your content isn't original or catchy. If you become famous for doing something that everyone else is doing, especially if you go viral just because you participate in trends and challenges Then, you will have a lot of random people following you because of posting trending content that may have nothing in common with your brand. Most of them will unfollow you if you can't keep up with the sudden demand for new content or if you start producing the content about your brand again, but they didn't follow you for that. This way, the algorithm might start working against you due to big losses in followers!

Virality can be unpredictable and fleeting. You might enjoy a moment of fame, but it could quickly fade away just as quickly as it came, so do not go viral at all costs, but focus on reaching your target group.

As a solution, you might want to apply the 85/15 rule to your content strategy, where 85% of the content would be your branded content, and 15% you have left for testing things out.

However, there is one exception to this:
If your product is mainstream, which means it is for everyone, and you can create universal videos with it, then focusing on creating viral content could still work (but it doesn't have to). The warning is that if you start focusing too much on trying to get your videos to go viral, you might subconsciously edit your videos in a way that isn't authentic or genuine and, as a result, turn off some viewers.

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